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Monday, July 4, 2016

Life Lately: Turning 24 & Traveling in Germany

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers (have some BBQ for me, please?) and happy 24th Birthday to me! Is it okay to wish yourself a happy birthday or is that a sign of losing touch with reality? In any case, I hope you’re all off to a wonderful July!

I turned 24 on Friday and my boyfriend and me spent a relaxing morning over breakfast and then went shopping on Heidelberg’s Hauptstra├če which is something we hardly ever have the time to do anymore. I got a gorgeous rose-pink lipstick at the new MAC store – this is a dangerous development for the make up obsessed part of my soul – and fell in love with a pair of uber cool Nike sneakers that may just have to make their way into my wardrobe soon and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate my special day. With study commitments taking up so much of our time, days with no set schedule feel indulgent not despite of their simplicity, but exactly because of it and so it was a special kind of treat.

Meersburg, Lake Constance

Life Lately

I have also just gotten back from a little solo trip to South Germany that was an absolute blast.
I have been meaning to do more domestic travel for ages because I feel like I really haven’t seen a whole lot of my home country yet, but somehow the desire to jet off to some foreign place has always won out until this year. But when a study-free week popped up on my schedule, I quickly made the decision to finally visit F├╝ssen – the home of the fabled Schloss Neuschwanstein – and Lake Constance, one of the largest lakes in Europe, and I have absolutely no regrets!

Lake Constance took me surprise with its deep blue water and sweeping views, while Schloss Neuschwanstein looked even more unbelievable in reality than I could have imagined, but more than anything this trip reminded me that you don’t always have to venture far to have fun traveling. There is so much to discover close to our doorsteps and I have already started wondering when I can see the Bavarian mountains again. More pictures on Instagram soon!

Sunset Viewing in Lindau

A Few Goals For 24

Now that I’m a year older and maybe even a tad bit wiser, I have been thinking a lot about my goals for this new chapter of my life. I didn’t make any resolutions at the beginning of the year because, frankly, I didn’t feel like I had the capacity to keep any, but since my birthday is so conveniently placed right at the half-way point of the year, I’d like to set some intentions this time around. 23 wasn’t the easiest year for me and so my main goal right now is to feel just a little bit more in control of my life this time next year and set my priorities straight again.

Some of the steps that I intend to take to achieve that goal – like sorting through all my belongings using the KonMari method and finally getting the hair cut that I have been meaning to get for months – are quite concise and manageable. Others, however, require a bit more determination and will power on my part: For example, I really want to get into shape again and actually make use of my gym membership since I have put on a few pounds over the last year or so and feel sick and tired of always feeling out of energy. I also finally want to figure out a system that actually allows me to update my blog twice a week and I can only hope that this goal isn’t firmly set in the realm of the impossible.

There are many other goals I want to work towards, but I think I am doing myself a favor if I keep my list of resolutions as limited as possible. At this point in my life, my studies take absolute priority, but the few things that I choose to pursue on the side are of particular meaning to me, so I hope I won’t spread myself too thin. I think it’s important to not compare yourself to lifestyle ideals that no person can have any hope to actually achieve and so my goal isn’t to chase perfection, but simply to pursue joy – and at the end of the day, that is the one thing that truly matters.

If you guys have any tips at all - especially workouts that you love - I'd be grateful if you would share them with me in the comments. Happy July!

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