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Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Happy Moments Of The Past Week

After spending good portion of the previous week sick in bed, it feels great to be back to my normal self again – everything just seems to be better and brighter when you don’t feel like laying down and sleeping all the time! I’m still sneezing and today I woke up sounding like a grow, but I finally feel like I can use my brain again and for that I am definitely very thankful.

This week has been pretty great so far: I had quite a lot of catching up to do, but the temperatures are rising again and I enjoy being able to hear the birds singing outside while I’m studying at my desk. At the moment I find myself enjoying the little things above all – a new book, great food, local adventures – and so I thought I would share a little list of the things that have made me happy recently. I know that this is a pretty stereotypical lifestyle blogger type post, but I always enjoy reading these posts by other bloggers, so I hope you will as well!

1. Watching Eurovision. Did you watch Eurovision last Saturday? Who was your favorite? The ESC might be kind of a silly spectacle, but I have to admit that I absolutely love it and really get into it each year. The week leading up to the contest, you can always find me on Youtube listening to all the songs on repeat and trying to determine who has the highest chance of winning and I not so secretly dream of witnessing Eurovision live one day. Maybe when Australia will actually win one of these days?

2. Visiting Schloss Wolfsgarten. Last weekend, my boyfriend and me visited my parents and spent a morning indulging in my favorite yearly ritual, a visit to Schloss Wolfsgarten. I have already written about Wolfsgarten here last year and will share some more pictures next week, but I can’t say it often enough: Wolfsgarten is one of the most beautiful places I know and I don’t think there will ever be a time when a (photo) walk through its stunning countryside garden will not be a treat!

3. Getting lost in a new book. I’ve had Deep South by Paul Theroux on my list of books to read ever since it was published last and I’m so glad I finally got around to it! I’m only a quarter-way into the book, but I can already tell that it is probably going to be one of my favorite books of the year. Theroux takes a step back from international travel in this book and instead explores a region of his home country: The South of the United States.

Deep South isn’t a typical travel book. Theroux ignores all the typical tourist destinations – he does visit Charleston, but just to go to a gun show –, but focuses on the places that showcase some of the enduring issues of America, most notably poverty and racism. He tells the stories of the people he meets: Some of them are full of contempt, others full of hope and the uncanny detail in which he recalls his experiences have made me think about the US in ways I never have before. So far, I have trouble putting this book down!

4. Eating yummy Korean food. One of my best friends celebrated her birthday in a small Korean restaurant called Soban right in the heart of the Old Town of Heidelberg this week and we spent an evening indulging in yummy food. I have been to Soban a few times before and always feel like I’m back in Asia when I visit – it’s a very popular place, though, so make sure you make a reservation if you ever want to go yourself. I tried Bi Bim Bap, a sort of Korean Rice Bowl with many toppings served in a blazing hot stone bowl, for the first time and it was really delicious, though their noodle soups are also great.

5. Watching DPReview Field Tests. One of my guilty internet pleasures is reading and watching reviews of camera equipment that I don’t need and recently I came across these truly excellent camera field tests by DPReview. DPReview teams up with pro photographers to test out new gear in the way it was meant to be used – out in the field, not in a lab – and the result is an array of visually stunning films that are worth watching even if you don’t care about the tech aspects of photography one bit. My favorite two field tests are this Sony A6000 test with Chris Burkard at the Californian Coast and this Canon 7D Mark II test with Adam Jones in the moutains of Montana.

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What has made you happy this week?


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