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Friday, November 20, 2015

A Fairytale Forest Walk

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and me went on a forest walk in the hills of the Neckar Valley near Heidelberg. It was a grey weekend with unpredictable weather and the sky was covered with thick clouds, but the day had called for some fresh air and so a little nature escape was sorely needed.

Monday, November 9, 2015

What I Loved Most About Andalusia in 20 Pictures

Every time I return from a trip, I need a few weeks of reflection before I feel ready to start writing about the experience.

When we travel, we seem to experience life more intensely: Flavors become more pungent, colours shine more vibrantly and scents seem to linger in the air for longer. Our entire existence is amplified and we find ourselves so swept away by all the memorable destinations and remarkable encounters that it takes a little while to process everything once we’re back home and realize just how much has happened.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Last Day of October

& thoughts on blogging

October has come and gone and before we know it, the days will be even shorter, the trees even sparser and our coats even thicker. This year, I find myself looking forward to the cold times of the year much more than I ever have before. University has been really stressful lately and so it is good to see nature slow down its rhythm and to remember that everyone also needs to times of rest in order to flourish.

I went to my parents’ house this weekend and sneaked out in the morning for a little countryside walk. As tempting as it may be to hide away from the cold inside, there is nothing quite like rambling over fields to clear your head and to broaden your perspective again and so I find it all the more important to get some fresh air every once in a while and to cherish the little moments in life.
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