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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Photo Diary: Freiburg, My Favorite Town in South Germany

A few weeks ago, S and me went to Freiburg for a long weekend to spend his birthday with his family. Since Freiburg is my boyfriend's hometown, I've had plenty of opportunities to visit over the years and over time the city has really become one of my favorite places in Germany. Freiburg is a student town in the far south of Germany with lots of character and I really love its bustling vibe that makes similar cities look kind of devoid of life.

Freiburg is only a short drive away from the borders of both France and Switzerland and many beautiful places in Germany which also makes it a great base to do some exploring. We especially love heading out to the Black Forest to do some hiking, but on our most recent visit we also made sure to spend some more time in the city and I decided to take you along with me with a little photo diary.

Ein von M e l a n i e (@melaniefontaineblog) gepostetes Foto am

Our trips to Freiburg obviously tend to reflect the local experience rather than the touristic one and so we spent the morning at the beautiful neighbourhood market in the quarter of Wiehre. I love markets, but I don’t go nearly as often as I would like and so I really savored this opportunity to check out some mouth-watering stalls. It also certainly didn’t hurt the produce of summer was so photogenic - don't these peaches look delicious?

We headed to Freiburg’s Old Town afterwards where we not only found yet another market, but also strolled through the quaint and colorful little alleys that grace many a person’s travel boards on Pinterest. Since it was a Saturday the streets were especially busy which made getting the shots I wanted a bit challenging and so there were many scenes that I decided to just commit to my own memory instead. Lately, I've been trying to be more deliberate when it comes to photography and to really concentrate on taking fewer, but better shots and just enjoying the moment in Freiburg was a great exercise in restriction.

The heart of Freiburg's Old Town is the M├╝nsterplatz, a large square lined with colorful old buildings and restaurants and the home of a cathedral called Freiburger M├╝nster. I'm not sure if I have ever been inside before, but as one of the highest buildings in Freiburg it towers imposingly over the roofs of the city and is the town's most recognized landmark.

To get a killer view of the city, we decided to walk up the Schlossberg, a small local mountains, and I definitely wasn't disappointed: Seeing the slopes of the Black Forest in one direction and having the whole town spread out in front of us was seriously impressive and the perfectly blue sky did the rest to make me feel grateful that we had braved the heat for the short climb.

We walked through the quiet forest on top of the hill, but eventually made our way down to another quarter of the city where we followed the splashing water of the small local river until we decided that maybe the afternoon was getting too hot after all and headed home in search of some shade again.

Going to Freiburg is always such a nice welcome break - I am already looking forward to coming back soon!  

What is your home away from home?

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