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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Few Happy Things: Foodie Edition!

For the last couple of months, I have used my Goals for... posts to keep you all updated on what I am actually doing (or, rather, trying to do!) in my everyday life, but I have grown a little bit bored of them lately and so I have decided to shake things up a little! Today, I am going to share a couple of things with you that have made me happy recently and while this is hardy an original type of post, I always love reading the happy lists that pop up in my Bloglovin feed and I am sure that my mind could really benefit from stopping to appreciate the little things every once in a while.

While writing, I realized that all the things in this post are actually in some way, shape or form related to food, but as a self-professed foodie that didn't exactly surprise me a bit - sometimes I think I might just love food more than travel!

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1. Fresh coffee at home

Getting a Bialetti Stove Top Espresso Maker had been on my agenda for ages, but it wasn’t until our trip to Florence where our AirB’n’B apartment had come equipped with one of these little wondrous machines that I finally went ahead and purchased one. And I absolutely love it! I have become a little bit of a Caffeine addict over the last year and finally having the equipment to brew myself a tasty cup at home instead of having to rely on the over-priced and not-so-good cafeteria stuff feels like such a luxury! I am still trying my way through different espresso brands to find the one I like the best and if you have a favorite I would appreciate it so much if you would share it with me!

2. The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook

I am half-chinese and like to think that soy sauce and rice make up their own food groups and so it should come as no surprise that I really love the Dumpling Sisters. The Dumpling Sisters are two Chinese girls that grew up in New Zealand and share easy and delicious recipes on Chinese cooking on their Youtube channel. I’ve been following these girls ever since their first appearance on Jamie Oliver’s Foodtube and since I have tried and loved a lot of their recipes already, it was a no-brainer that their cookbook would make its way into my overflowing collection within a week of its publication. Now I'm excited to bring some life into my Asian dinner rotation!

3. Cooking a birthday meal for my family

I spent the weekend at my parents’ place and cooked up a feast (if I dare say so myself) for my family to celebrate my birthday. We went French and had duck confit with roasted potatoes, a simple green salad and the prettiest Ratatouille I have ever made and despite the raging heatwave that turned my mother's beautiful kitchen into an oven I absolute loved spending time behind the stove. I think I may be one of the few strange people that actually love cooking more than eating! (I do love eating as well, don't worry! )

4. Figuring out how to make a great veggie burger

Speaking of cooking: I finally figured out how to make a great veggie burger! I have had amazing vegetarian burgers at restaurants (Honest Burger in London is the bomb!), but every time I have tried to whip one up at home, my attempts have somehow fallen short. But not anymore! I wouldn't go as far as to call my veggie burgers perfect yet, but I am going to work on getting the flavors and the formula just right and I promise I will share the recipe with you all once I'm there! 

5. Watching Chef's Table

I discovered Chef’s Table – a Netflix original documentary illustrating the work and philosophy of six sensational chefs from around the world - because Freya from Nishaantishu recommended it on her blog and I just have to share the love with all of you as well: This series is so incredibly beautiful! Not only is the cinematography stunning and artful, but the storytelling is excellent and the people are fascinating and inspiring and I just can't help, but feel happy when I watch an episode. I hope there will be a second season!

What has made you happy lately?

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