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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Goals for June

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How on earth can it be June already? Summer is around the corner already, my birthday is only another month away and it altogether just feels like time is running! Everything seems to have exploded in bloom in May and I have been loving seeing the hills around Heidelberg grow greener each passing day. Local strawberries are getting cheaper and sweeter each week, a vast array of different produce grows on the fields and the days are finally long again. I love every season for its own reasons, but I am always convinced that the season I'm currently in is the best one and so I cannot imagine how it could get any better than this spring.

With the beginning of a new and stressful semester, one of my main goals for May had been to get better at juggling all the things I wanted and needed to do and I am happy to report that I have done a pretty decent job at this! Managing the balance game can be tricky when there is so much you want to do in the short twenty-four hours we are given each day, but I feel like I have a good system in place right now, even though this peace will probably not last forever.

The thing that has made the biggest difference for me this month is planning. I know that getting organized again doesn't sound all that sexy, but I'm not the most spontaneous of all people and so I really benefit from spending a little bit of time each week to planning out the days to come. In May, I finally started using my trusty Weekly Desk planner again to write my To-Do-Lists and to gain a proper overview of the coming week and now I'm not quite sure how I survived the last few months anymore! Knowing exactly what it is that I need to accomplish over the course of a week has really taken the stress and confusion out of my day-to-day life and made me a lot more productive.

June is setting out to be an amazingly wonderful month and I'm looking forward to lots of walks, hikes and bike rides through the German countryside to make the most out of spring. We are also heading to Florence for a few days and it has honestly been a long time since I last was this excited for a trip! I haven't properly been to Italy for many years (I'm not counting that day visit to Milan two years ago as a proper trip), but I have been dreaming about going back and so I am very, very ecstatic. If you have any recommendations for me please make sure to leave them in the comments!

Goals for June

I kind of just want to enjoy life in June without worrying too much about anything and so I am once again not going crazy with my goals. I don't believe in making goals just for the sake of making goals and therefore I would always rather choose to make a few resolutions that are meaningful to me. I may have gotten better at organizing, but setting expectations for myself that I cannot hope to actually achieve is surely not the best way to go.

1. Do a proper spring declutter

It's been a good few months since I last went through my things in an effort to get rid of clutter and I think it's time to have a go at it again: De-cluttering really is a never-ending process! My kitchen cupboards are over-flowing with different grains, spices and teas again and my bookshelf could benefit from some re-arranging, but I especially need to give my closet some love: My style has changed a lot in the last few years and so there are definitely some things that I should sell/donate/throw away.

2. Read more...again!

This goal was on my list in May already, but I have built such nice momentum last month that I want to make sure that I keep going! I love reading - always have, always will - and there are just so many books I want to read, but it just doesn't happen if I don't actively push myself to read more often. I want to re-read Inferno by Dan Brown before heading to Florence and then maybe give A room with a view by E.M. Forster a go, but there are also still a lot of books on my bookshelf that are waiting to finally be read, so I definitely have a challenge cut out for me.

3. Write more...again

This is another goal that was already on my list last month. Writing was my first love in life and one of the reasons I started a blog was actually to encourage myself to get back into writing because I felt that I had gotten so busy chasing the so-called serious things in life that I stopped honing my craft. I made sure to be especially conscious of my writing last month and it really reminded me of just how much I love sitting down to write down everything from stories to personal observations. This month, I want to put special emphasis on concentrating on the travel writing I publish on my blog, but I do hope that the little perfectionist inside me won't run wild and cause me to only update again in three weeks!

What are your goals for June?


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  1. It is so important to write down goals and take a little time to plan. I've been bad at that recently too. My goals are to try save more and get out for long walks. I have failed miserably at both - I blame the terrible weather we are having!

    You will love Florence, don't know if you've been before but a little tip, climb to the top of the tower rather than the cathedral some so you get a photo of the actual done, which is much more impressive! The line is also shorter :)



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