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Friday, March 27, 2015

Exploring the Tropics in Germany | A Photo Diary

It is that weird time of the year right now when spring occasionally swings by for a day or two only to decide that he is not quite ready for commitment yet and disappears again. I don’t really mind the colder times of the year, but eventually there just comes the point when seeing  nature in bloom becomes necessary again and when the German weather did not seem to cooperate with that desire, we took matters into our own hands and visited the Palmengarten - a local botanical garden - a few weekends ago.

Visiting the Palmengarten has got to be one of the best things - short of taking an actual tropical vacation - you can do in Central Germany to warm up the spirit in the winter. We had barely been in the first greenhouse for five minutes, though, when I started making plans for a visit to either South or Central America and seeing the tamed jungle, made me long to see the real-thing even more. "Nicaragua is supposed to be quite nice! Or Costa Rica! Or we could fly to Peru and go hiking in the Andes and see the Amazon!", I excitedly proclaimed.

We slipped into the current orchid exhibition next where we saw flowers in the most vibrant colors and I especially fell in love with one orchid that shone in a very deep burgundy red color. It also seemed to be the day when every single photography club in Frankfurt was taking macro shots of flowers, which was not hard to understand: How can flowers not be everyone’s favorite thing to shoot? I mean, is it even possible to take a bad photograph of something that is so pretty?

After a (very) quick walk through the chilly air of early March, we entered the second green house which consisted of several different rooms that each concentrated on another type of flora. The climate would change every time you switched the room and with it new types of plants would appear. It was almost like taking a little trip around the world! We constantly pointed out little details to each other and the sheer variety of plants made it hard not to get too excited.

After seeing plenty a cactus and a banana tree, we headed out into the cold again, but only to retreat into the sub-antarctic green house where we encountered yet another world. Is it not crazy just how multifaceted the Earth is? I think that is definitely one of the main reasons why I love to travel!

About three hundred pictures later, we finally managed to tear ourselves away and, passing along the artificial mountain and lake that used to be my favorite as a child, we made our way to the exit and back to the high-rise office buildings of the city. Who would expect such an oasis amidst all the concrete?

And Spring - are you ready to stay yet?


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