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Monday, February 16, 2015

Walking in a Winter Wonderland || Taunus, Germany

Last week, we drove up to Frankfurt to visit my parents and used the occasion to go on a little walk in the Taunus mountains. I'm not in the mountains a lot anymore and so going on a hike again was a great break from the study-intensive few weeks before. The Taunus is a low mountain range just north of Frankfurt and a popular recreational area for people of the region. We used to go there a lot when I was a child, but back then I definitely failed to appreciate the beauty of the German mountains or rather the appeal of their hiking paths and it had been years since I properly had visited the last time.

 photo 03_Taunus Germany_zpspds1orqf.jpg
 photo 04_Taunus Germany_zpshwgynndx.jpg

We took the underground (that is actually an overground for more than half of its route) right to the foot of the mountains and set out on a lovely little tree-lined path. It was a gorgeous day with air that had that sort of clarity that is so characteristic for a bright winter's day and the light of the sun was kissing the sparse tree tops. After weeks of grey, uninspiring skies that made you detest winter and long for spring, it was a revelation to feel the sun lift our spirits and we weren't the only ones that were out and about to make the most of the day.

 photo 06_Taunus Germany_zpsaq5qzfbv.jpg
 photo 07_Taunus Germany_zpsvvqyh3vw.jpg
 photo 08_Taunus Germany_zpspz2mida1.jpg

The trees along the path quickly grew denser and with the sun hiding behind thick clusters of branches, the light quickly started to disappear and soon we found ourselves in one of the dark fairytale forests of our childhoods in which you suspect trolls hiding behind rocks and witches tracking your moves to put a spell on you.

 photo 09_Taunus Germany_zpskhn6okol.jpg
 photo 12_Germany Forest Snow_zpslp4x1utv.jpg

The path rised gently and with every meter that we climbed there seemed to be more snow on the ground. We had had no idea that there would be any snow at all and so we were very delighted to have the opportunity to escape to a veritable winter wonderland at least once during this season.

 photo 14_Germany Forest Snow_zpsqmcazwbq.jpg
 photo 15_Germany Forest Snow_zpsl1n3lojp.jpg
 photo 16_Germany Snow_zpsy0wtlfep.jpg
 photo 17_Forest Germany Taunus_zpsio6vskni.jpg

With the snow, there also came the people. We were passed by sleds occasionally - more often ridden by adults than by kids! -  and I not so secretly wished we would have brought one, too. I don't even remember the last time I went sledding (though I had some major sledding envy in Norway, too), but my old wooden sled still has got to be somewhere in my parents' basement!

 photo 20_Germany Snow Taunus_zpsjvkzt6ar.jpg

 photo 22_Winter Landscape Germany_zps6whnnlkf.jpg
 photo 23_Winter landscape germany_zps7dsjtbwm.jpg
 photo 24_Winter_zpsggensebb.jpg

After an hour of walking we finally reached a mountain ridge where the trees started to clear a little bit and the sun illuminated the pure freshly fallen snow. Is there anything more beautiful than snow shimmering in sun light? I can't think of a lot things!

 photo 26_Winter Germany Snow_zpsask6ahwl.jpg
 photo 27_WInter Landscape Snow_zpsgknmql0m.jpg
 photo 28_Winter_zpsiewgkphy.jpg
 photo 29_Winter_zpsw4ttxa9w.jpg
 photo 30_Winter Landscape_zpsnyjek37j.jpg

While I was furiously snapping away at the beautiful scenery - it's been a while since I felt that inspired by photography and the insane amount of pictures in this post is only a little collection of all the photographs I really took that day - I was reminded of this beautiful shoot I had seen a few months earlier and it kind of made me wish I would have brought a ball gown up to the mountains: Wouldn't this be an absolutely stunning scenery for a fashion editorial?

 photo 31_Winter Landscape_zps2in2gpyw.jpg

 photo 33_Winter Landscape_zpsgitg1r7z.jpg
 photo 34_Winterlandscape Germany_zpsxrjt7zr1.jpg
 photo 36_Winter_zpshwh7tbv1.jpg
 photo 35_Winter Landscape Germany_zpsltu9rn4e.jpg

My boyfriend remarked that the landscape looked more like an advertorial for winter vacationing in the Alps than what you would expect to find in Central Germany and I definitely had to agree. Unfortunately, the Taunus isn't always this prettily covered in snow - in fact, snow is probably the exception rather than the rule - but that made the timing of our visit all the more special.

 photo 37_Taunus Fuchstanz_zpshrg9jyhj.jpg
 photo 38_Winter _zpsfnvhkpna.jpg

We took a little break at the Fuchstanz, a mountain pass and the highest point of our walk, and treated us to a cup of hot apple wine, a local speciality, in the hopes that it would warm us up a little bit. It also seemed like we were joined by half of Frankfurt as walkers kept on pouring in from the other paths.

 photo 39_Winter_zpscjci0xk2.jpg
 photo 40_Winter_zpsajkejowl.jpg

 photo 42_Winter Landscape Germany_zpsv4auuvek.jpg
 photo 43_Tannenbaumlume_zpsqszdtcuc.jpg
 photo 44_Trees Germany_zpsk05kpsoi.jpg
 photo 45_Forest Winter_zpszropvvmu.jpg

We started to descend on the other side of the mountain and eventually spotted a clearing between the trees. Curiously we strayed off the path (I know that Gandalf told us not to, but the magic of Mirkwood was too strong!) and suddenly a beautiful overlook of the landscape opened up in front of us:

 photo 46_Taunus Germany_zpsfh4tdob7.jpg

We found our way back to the path - no enchanted rivers or creepy spiders for us - and continued to follow it down the mountain. The amount of snow started to decrease again while the signs of the closest town became more and more apparent until we found ourselves in our final destination, Kronberg, just as the sun was setting and hopped on a train back to the city.

 photo 47_Germany Taunus_zpsb6ocqfur.jpg

 photo 49_Kronberg Germany_zpsve0eyptq.jpg

The mountains of Central Germany may not be the mountains of Norway, but a day spent outside in nature is always a good idea!

Do you get a lot of snow where you're living?


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