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Monday, February 2, 2015

Goals for February

Maybe I'm still on a metaphorical high from finally admitting that I've been stuck in an existential crisis lately, but January really was a pretty good month. Probably the best month I've had in a while. It wasn't a perfect month by any means, but a month that - despite the limited daylight hours and the near-constant drape of grey skies - allowed me to find balance and time to breath again. I was less hard on myself and I allowed myself to take it easy more often, but I still challenged myself to create more and to expect more for myself again and apparently it paid off in some way.

We also went to Prague for a couple of days in the middle of the month and I now definitely understand the hype: Prague really is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! The architecture is quite different from what I'm used to from my travels in Scandinavia and Western Europe, but all the more beautiful and charming because of it and traveling during the winter also meant that we didn't have to share the city with the masses that surely will descend on it once the temperatures rise again. We also went to Kutná Hora for a day and visited the (in)famous bone church that you've probably seen on Pinterest before, but in the end it was the town itself that impressed me the most.

Another highlight of the month was hanging out with fellow bloggers Jordan and Margo. In between our travels, work and school it can sometimes be hard to find a moment when we're all around at the same time, but spending time with these ladies never fails to leave me absolutely inspired. And that's exactly how every friendship should make you feel!

But if I look at things objectively, then January was a pretty unsuccessful month as far as my goals were concerned. I didn't practice Yoga every day. I also didn't blog three times a week. And god knows, there still is a lot of decluttering to be done. But somehow I definitely don't feel like a failure. I may not have achieved everything I set out to do, but I do feel extra proud of the things that I did accomplish. For one, I blogged more often in January than in the months before and also with a lot more passion and determination: I finally feel like I'm finding my place in blogging again and after months of feeling creatively inhibited by myself that comes as a big relief.

And while I didn't do as much decluttering as I thought I would want to do, I did throw away a lot of stuff already and gave my kitchen cupboards a good clean out: The amount of different spices, flours and grains that I own (yes, I need all of them!) had simply started to form a chaotic mess. And despite not completing the 30 Days of Yoga challenge, I did finally start to practice again, so that just has to count for something.

Goals for February

I actually don't have too many goals for February, which suits me just fine since I don't exactly have a lot of time to get stuff done anyway and obviously feel overwhelmed by the prospect of even completing three goals.

1. Keep the blogging going

I'm currently in a phase where I'm really very much in love with blogging, so I would love to keep the momentum that I've been trying to build up in January going. My goal is still going to be to post three times a week, but just like last month, I'm not going to beat myself up too much if I can't make that happen. It's more of a guideline of sorts.

2. Focus on university

I'm working on a paper for university right now and I would like to finish it as much as possible in February. It's not due for another couple of months, but it will give me some peace of mind if I can finish the bulk of the work now. I probably won't be able to get much else done, but so far I'm enjoying the challenge. Let's hope I still feel positive about it in two weeks!

3. Finish my blog project

I've been working a lot on my blog behind the scenes in January, so I hope I can launch a new outfit for my blog in February. I'm always thinking about ways to make my blog better and easier to use (my current sitemap is a nightmare - was I ever going to get around to finishing my travel page?), so that new chapter will be exciting.

What are your goals for February?


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