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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Amsterdam on Film

Last summer, I found my father's old SLR camera. He bought it in Australia over 25 years ago and back in the day it had probably travelled to more places than me, but with the advancements in technology - both analog and digital - it now lived forgotten on an old shelf in my parents' basement. I took it upstairs where I proceeded to examine all its parts, from the old leather covered body to the dusty prime lens and a zoom lens that was so heavy that I could have incorporated into my weight-lifting routine.

There was no film in the camera, but I was so fascinated by how turning the focus or the aperture ring would change what I saw through the viewfinder that I went through the whole house with the camera in hand taking imaginary photographs. If I hadn't already known then that I loved photography, this would have been a sure sign of things. It took me a couple of more months to actually put a film into the camera and to actually shoot some pictures, but when I visited Amsterdam just before Christmas, my chance had finally come.

Shooting with a film camera - especially one where even the focus has to be adjusted manually - was quite a different experience, but one that I very much enjoyed nonetheless. Not being able to photograph anything and everything that may potentially make for an interesting picture forced me to think more about which subjects I really wanted to photograph and then to put more thought into the pictures and so I think that going out with an analog camera instead of a digital one every once in a while could be really good for practice.

Amsterdam, by the way, was absolutely delightful - I was ready to move there at the end of our visit! Amsterdam reminded me a lot of the cities in Scandinavia, but with more of a continental feel - the architecture was beautiful, there were so many stylish people and the canals really did give the city a very distinctive and unique look. I have a couple of more posts coming up in the future, so stay tuned!

When was the last time you used an analog camera?


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