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Monday, December 8, 2014

Hopes, Dreams and Plans for 2015

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I know what you're thinking: Isn't it a couple of weeks too early to get started on New Year's posts? Well, maybe there's a blogging rule that states that I can only start talking about the New Year once Christmas is over, but I'm a bit too excited to get cracking with my resolutions to wait any longer. I always love to write down my goals and while they're usually along the same lines, I think it's important to remind myself of the things I really want to pursue every once in a while.

Looking back at the past year, I can honestly say that 2014 was a bit of a roller coaster. I started the year on a bit of low, quickly bounced back and had the best semester ever in Norway, tried my hand on longer-term travel in Asia and then became a serious (?) law student in Germany again. I didn't blog through all of this, but I sure tried my hardest and hopefully I will be able to do a slightly better job at this in 2015.

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And while 2014 definitely ranks as one of the best years of my life, there were also many moments when I just felt completely confused and kind of just wanted to stick my head into the sand for a while. I guess it's a twenty-something's prerogative (Am I a twenty-something already?) to feel slightly overwhelmed by all the apparent possibilities of life. The rational part of my mind knows that there isn't just one way for every person that leads to personal fulfillment, but the emotional side of my brain still has to play catch up.

My main goal each year is always to make it better than the last. I don't have a whole lot of firm plans for 2015 yet, but I'm sure it will teach me many lessons and bring about some great moments and opportunities. Not much is going to change - and that's probably exactly what I need.

Be more organized

This has got to be the most important goal for 2015. If I don't get organization down, I probably won't be able to achieve half of the things on this list and while I should probably take this as a sign that my list is a bit too ambitious, I'm just going to interpret is as encouragement to use the hours of the day a bit more efficiently. I'm not what you'd call a disorganized person and I have long ago discovered the beauty of writing To-Do-Lists, but at the moment my typical day isn't organized in the most productive manner and I usually don't find the time to do all the things I want to do in a day. Often because there's too much to do and sometimes because I just don't feel able to head to the Gym after a long day of studying, but I do want to find a way to make it more possible!

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Read more

I do read a lot, but most of it is academic and so hardly counts as pleasure. There are so many books I want to read, but when you've spent the better part of the day reading really complicated books,  
Netflix seems just a tiny bit more appealing in the evening than picking up yet another book. I want to put in more effort to not fall prey to the instant pleasures of our time and to spend at least a couple of minutes a day reading things that have a) nothing to do with law and b) are not on the internet. Any favorite reads of yours that you can recommend?

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Take better care of my mental and physical well-being

I promise I tried to come up with a less pompous title! But instead of just writing down "Go to the Gym more often" and "Eat healthier" - goals that are never really followed through anyway - I decided to go with a more abstract concept that actually stands a chance to go with my lifestyle. So while I do plan to establish a fitness routine that is a bit more regular - many of my long-term goals require me to have a better physical fitness, after all - I am not planning to loose a stone, hit up the Gym every single day and completely cut out carbs from my diet. My goal is simply to be more mindful of myself, both mentally and physically, because that's definitely something I struggle with when life gets stressful.

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Not going to lie… Diagon Alley may have been the best place I visited in 2014! 


Okay, so it's probably no surprise that I still want to travel to places in 2015! Since all my recent travel plans have been fairly spontaneous - life doesn't really allow me to plan properly in advance - I don't have any fixed plans yet. I'm planning to just go with whichever place looks nice and is easy/affordable to get to! S and me are itching to head back to Italy soon - there are so many places there I definitely want to visit! - and I'd also love to go to Ireland, but we'll see what the year has to offer. I would also love to go on an overseas trip again (overseas as in outside of Europe), but I have no idea when or where to or if at all. Where are you planning to head in 2015?

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Become a better writer & photographer

This is always one of my ongoing goals. I always want to get better at writing and photography! It's actually one of the main reasons that keeps me blogging. As far as writing is concerned I want to become better with words, better at expressing my thoughts and feelings about places and better at telling stories. I want my writing to be more interesting, less cliché and more real and ultimately to be more gripping. I'm not sure that's something anyone can really work towards, but I do know that I need to push myself to write things that I find challenging and that I know will require a lot of my time and energy more often.

I finally upgraded to a DSLR this year and while I've shot in manual for a couple of years now and continue to learn a lot about the technical side of photography, I haven't really found my own photography style yet. I don't really mean the type of pictures I take, but the way my pictures look - does that even make sense? While I do write almost every day (even if I don't publish on my blog for a bit), photography has a tendency to fall to the wayside when I'm not traveling, so I'd like to get in the Habit of regularly going on photo walks for no other reason than to improve my skills.

Drive again

Okay, so this is a bit of a random goal, but I need to get behind the wheel of a car again. It's been forever since I've last driven myself and that's because I really don't like driving. Unfortunately, this has lead to me feeling very intimidated by the very notion of driving myself which isn't such a huge deal living in Germany, but does limit my travel experience in some countries. Many countries and regions are best explored by car and I just want to feel more confident when it comes to renting cars in the future!

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Create more, consume less

I came across this statement on The Private Life of a Girl a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I've been trying to make it my mantra. I've got to be honest here: I've been feeling a little bit jaded when it comes to the blogosphere lately and this post makes me think that it's because I consume too much blogging content. I'm not a creative in the sense that what I do on a day-to-day basis is related to a creative industry - quite the opposite in fact - but my blog is my creative outlet, a hobby that I do for no other reason than fun. And it's no fun, if I get caught up in the comparison and numbers game.

I've diminished the number of blogs, Instagram and Twitter accounts I follow regularly and instead of mindlessly scrolling through the Explore section on Bloglovin that only ever features the same people anyway have opted to go read a book or clean or something. And it has definitely helped me feel more positive about the online world again! I plan to continue blogging in 2015 and to try to always make my content better and more interesting, but I don't want to lose sight of my overall goal: To have fun and to create meaningful relationships with my readers.

So there you have it: My goals for 2015! I may write a follow-up post on them every once in a while, but for now I'm just looking forward to the holidays and for the beginning of the new year. A New Year always feels like a new beginning and this time, I'm going to make sure that the years end and begin with a bang!

What are your goals and plans for 2015?


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