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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Holidays! || Weekend Reading List #4

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Happy weekend everybody! I was going to wish you a Merry St. Nicholaus Day, but the Internet told me that that's not a thing in most English-speaking countries which is a big shame if you ask me. On the  night before the 6th of December, children (and adults pretending to be children aka me) in Germany leave one of their boots outside the door to find it stuffed with chocolate, nuts, fruit and other goodies the next morning and - now I don't have to go buy chocolate for a little while! Let me know… is this just a German thing or do you have the same or another tradition for the 6th of December where you live?

It's been a while since my last Weekend Reading List, but in an effort to get back on track with blogging (I promise I'll be better about updating eventually!) I decided to share some of my latest favorite reads from the Internet again:

My dear blogging friend Sarah went to my favorite place on Earth, Cornwall, in September and her pictures and stories have taken me straight back! You can find my own posts on this beautiful region here.

The Private Life of a Girl is one of my new favorite blogs because it's just so delightfully real and honest. Sophie's post on blogging breaks resonated with me especially because I've been contemplating the future and nature of my blog a lot lately.

A hilarious list of places not to go to in 2015.

I just love all the posts The Londoner has been writing about Disneyland! I'd love to go there again myself!

I always get suck into Leave Your Daily Hell because Robert is just such a good writer, but this recent piece on Tanzania is truly one of the best written travel posts I have ever read on a blog!

Happy Holidays!


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