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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekend | Reading List #1

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Happy Weekend everybody! I hope you had a great week! I'm heading to my parents' place to get my wisdom teeth removed in the beginning of next week (oh joy) and as I mentally get ready to eat nothing, but soup for a couple of days, I decided to compile a list of some lovely and interesting things that I found on the internet this week. 

I've only just stumbled over Lisette's blog, but I absolutely love it! I had to google what hedgerow was first, but how delicious does this galette look? 

Speaking of food: I love me some texmex food and Casey's Creamy Enchiladas Verde seem like something I could totally get behind!

In my fall goals, I've mentioned that I want to re-decorate my office space. Seems like Melyssa is having the same plan - her home office inspiration features such beautiful home offices! 

S and me have been talking about traveling to the Alps for some hiking and seeing Rosie's pictures of Switzerland makes me want to hop on a train right now! 

Lately, I have been feeling kind of apprehensive about growing up. Carly's beautiful words about getting older in order of her 25th birthday make me feel much more relaxed! 

My dear blogging friend Sarah has just returned to her online world after her summer hiatus - can't wait to read more about her summer adventures

And for all my German-speakers: This article on the silk road in Usbekistan is quite possibly the best, most informative and entertaining piece of travel writing I have read in a long time. 


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