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Monday, September 1, 2014

Planning for Fall

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I love writing lists. Is there anyone who doesn’t? I just love writing down my plans in an organized manner, because it makes it so much easier to keep track of my goals and dreams. My mind often feels so full with ideas that not writing them down is a sure way for them to get lost. But while I love writing lists, but actually making what’s written in them happen – that’s something completely different.

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on my goals in spring and I’m embarassed to admit that many of them didn’t happen. In between traveling and the end of my stay in Norway creeping closer at an alarming rate, I just wasn’t committed enough to seem them through. My spring was still awesome and my last month in Bergen couldn’t have been more beautiful – but I wouldn’t say it was the most productive time of my life.

I feel like I haven’t quite had a grip on life for the last couple of months: Studying, moving and traveling longer-term have made it pretty much impossible for me to find a daily routine and that lack of organization has in turn made it hard for me to do many of the things that I usually love doing. (Lack of blogging, anyone?) So now that I’m back in Germany with no travels (yet) in sight, but plenty of stressful university hours ahead, I think I could really benefit from writing a new goal list.

1. Start and keep up blogging again

Is it strange to name blogging more regularly as one of my main goals for fall? I have barely blogged this summer and you guys have no idea how much I miss it, so it’s about time that I get back into the groove of things. I’m still trying to find a posting rhythm that works for my current lifestyle and if truth be told, I’m also still looking to find my voice. But writing finally seems to come a little easier to me again and I have so much to share from the summer and even the months before, that I shouldn’t have any trouble finding things to write about. After my long hiatus, it kind of feels like I have to learn blogging & social media all over again, but I’m excited!

2.   Making my apartement a home

I’ve just moved back into my old apartement in my university town and while I have somehow managed to unpack all my stuff already, it still very much doesn’t feel like a home. I’m sure I will get used to living here again soon enough, but I would like to spend some time and thought on re-decorating my space to make it feel more like me. I love my furniture, but everything looks empty and unpersonal, instead of homey at the moment.

There are three main things I want to work on: Styling my book shelves, creating a gallery wall with some of my favorite pictures that I have taken over the years and constructing a new working space for me that makes it easier to stay focused and organized. Do any of you have any tips or ideas (Pinterest Boards and the like) to share with me?

3.  Read more books

I’m a bit of a compulsive book buyer. I cannot go into a book store and not buy a book and while I do read a lot, I sometimes seem to buy new books faster than I can read them. As a result, I have way too many books that I have always wanted to read and it’s about time that I get started on reading them. In other words: No buying books for the next couple of months. I’m sure this is going to prove a challenge soon, because I’ve just got really into the Game of Thrones books... What are you currently reading?

4.  Plan some travels

After my seven-week-long trip to Asia I felt pretty burned out and felt like I wanted to take a little bit of a break from traveling. But five weeks later, I'm longing to hop on a plane and explore the world again. Unfortunately, I won't have a whole lot of time (and excuses) for travel this semester, but I would still like to plan a trip or two to look forward to when I slave away in the library. There are so many places that I’m eager to visit, both in and outside of Germany! I've bought a Lonely Planet Germany a couple of weeks ago (is it ridiculous to buy a travel guide for your home country?), but I would also love to visit some new-to-me places in Europe. Where would you go right now if you could?

So there you have it. My goals for fall. The list is obviously not complete, but these are the things that I most felt required to be documented as a reminder and for general accountability. What are your plans and goals for fall? Any exciting trips coming up? Come on, make me jealous!

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