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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekend | Reading List #3

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I hope you all had a great week! After my first appointment had been cancelled, I finally had my wisdom teeth removed on Monday and after all the horror stories that people told me beforehand, I was really surprised by just how smooth the whole procedure went and how little pain I experienced afterwards. I did look like a chipmunk for a couple of days and wasn’t able to eat much else than soup and yogurt, but I finally start to see a human being again when I look in the mirror.

All in all, this week was a much needed and definitely has helped me to let go a bit from the desperate thinking that has been occupying my thoughts a little too much lately. But now I feel more refreshed and energized and I’m really looking forward to next week, especially since I won’t a) have a cold, b) recover from a cold or c) have four teeth pulled – can you tell that I’ve been a little bit of a train wreck recently? ;)

If you only take a look at one thing that I share this week, then please let it be this five-part video serious on the OWN TV Youtube channel on the Five Habits That Strong Women Keep. I usually think these lists are silly, but there’s so much wisdom and positive energy in these videos and I think I’ll make it a ritual of mine to watch them regularly from now!

I only just discovered Hope Engaged, but I’ve been reading Katie’s blog obsessively lately. Such a bright and hopeful space!

Aside from the London Blogger Tea, I somehow never went to Afternoon Tea on any of my visits to the British capital - it's high on my list of things to do the next day I'm in the UK, whenever that will be. And this Double Decker Afternoon Tea Bus Tour that Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy did seems so fun! 

How did I not know that Moleskine came out with a The Hobbit Limited Edition collection? I'm very much obsessed with Middle Earth and have used Moleskine notebooks for years, so this is an exercise in restraint. 

Speaking of notebooks… have you heard about Bullet Journaling before? It seems like such an intuitive way to organize your life! 

I love what Kelsey from Happy Yolks has shared about not having to share every thought and feeling online and instead taking the time to fully experience our emotions on our own. 

Sophie finally shared her wedding pictures on her blog and it looks like the most amazing and beautiful celebration of love

What were your favorite reads of the week? 


Friday, September 26, 2014

My Irrational Travel Fears + Fresh Face Friday Blog Hop

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I’m not a particularly fearful person. There’s only one thing I’m really scared of – S knows exactly what I’m talking about! – and it’s more of a matter of disgust, but I’m not going to mention it online, just in case anyone ever wants to play a really mean prank on me. However, I do get anxious very quickly and that’s especially true when it comes to traveling. I can be a bit of a control freak and travel definitely has a way of bringing me out of my comfort zone and  forcing me to give up plans and be more spontaneous.

Fortunately, the more I travel the less anxious I become, but there are a couple of things that I just can't seem to let go and so I figured I would share them with you all for Casey’s Fresh Face Friday Blog Hop that is under the motto “What are three of your irrational fears?”. I’m co-hosting the link up today, so don’t forget to share your own post below!

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Everything I took back to Germany from Norway, minus one box that I shipped and a whole bunch of kitchen supplies that I donated to the tenants’ union of the student housing. I sure hope I didn’t forget anything!

1)    Forgetting something important at home

It’s the same thing every time: I’ve packed my bags and should really leave to catch my train/plane/bus – and then I start worrying whether I have really packed everything I need. Do I have enough socks? My camera charger? Lip balm? I quickly check my bag for my keys and my wallet and eventually manage to close the door behind me all the while continuing to worry that I will suddenly remember something that I definitely shouldn’t have left at home.

But here’s the thing - most of the time there are only two things that you really need when you travel: Money – or rather access to money – and a valid passport. Everything else you can probably get at your destination as well. Forgot your toothbrush? Buy one once you’re in Thailand. Haven’t packed your bikini? You can buy cute ones in every beach town. Depending on your personal situation there may be exceptions, obviously, but the point is: There are not a whole lot of things you definitely have to bring with you when you travel. Not that that keeps me from worrying if I really brought the sunscreen...

 photo 03_zpsb49fed40.jpg

I love spending time in airports, but airplanes? Not so much…

2)    Flying

The most memorable flight I have ever taken was to Paris a couple of years ago. We started late from Frankfurt because there was a thunderstorm in France and behind me there were three little kids. We had a couple of rough turbulences during the flight and the children kept on squealing in absolute delight, like they were on an amusement park ride, while I was clutching my seat hoping that we would make it to Paris in one piece.

I don’t like flying. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I hate it – after all planes can get you to some pretty exciting places -, but there’s just something about being thousands of kilometres up in the air that always puts my nerves to the test. I’ve gotten better at ignoring it, but that doesn’t change the fact that my heart rate increases everytime the plane starts to shake even a little bit. And all the things that have been happening recently? Definitely not helping! 

This anxiety is ungrounded, obviously – we all know that flying is one of the safest modes of transportation. But flying makes me feel helpless in a way that driving never does and so I prefer my feet firmly on the ground.

 photo 04_zpsf05b7255.jpg

In the Shanghai Metro. I’ve been taking public transportation alone for many, many years now, so at least that’s one part of traveling I don’t usually freak out about!

3)    Getting judged by other people

Someone close in my life has told me before that I travel too much and while it was more of a joke, it definitely hit home. I want to see as much of the world as possible, but I do worry that will think that I don't take life seriously enough and that I should just grow the heck up. Is this the most ridiculous travel fear you have always heard of? Probably. 

But here's thing: I don't believe that growing up means giving up your hopes and passions. But I do believe that coming into your own means freeing yourself from the expectations of other people and following your own life and doing your own thing. I frequently struggle with this in all parts of my life - with twenty-two I hardly dare to call myself an adult anyway - but it gets better with every year. 

But now on to the Blog Hop: I can't wait to read what your irrational fears are - travel-related or not! :)

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