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Friday, June 20, 2014

Snapshots From Sichuan Province, China

 photo 05_Sichuan_zps6a29461b.jpg
I spent the first week of my Asian summer adventure in Sichuan Province in Central China with my parents visiting family. I am half-chinese, but China is still such a mysterious place for me: The tastes, the smells, the sights – everything is so very different from Germany! We stayed in a small town (Chinese small, not European small!) near of Chengdu, the capital of the province, but took a few wonderful trips around the province.

From hiking on one of the holiest mountains in China and staying overnight in a temple with the most sweeping views to meeting China’s national icon, the Panda, at Bifengxia Research Centre this trip really has been a beautiful experience. This visit also gave me the opportunity to take out my new camera on a test run and while I had a few major fights with getting used to the new camera system it has been fun to explore another culture through the viewfinder.

 photo 06_EmeiShan_zps51262128.jpg  photo 07_Sichuan_zpsa6b70787.jpg  photo 08_Sichuan_zpsaa23b242.jpg  photo 09_Temple_zps1da4ba7f.jpg  photo 09_Sichuan_zpsa0f8e9e2.jpg  photo 10_Sichuan_zpsed89a6e0.jpg  photo 11_Sichuan_zps9d952d69.jpg  photo 12_Sichuan_zps1c1b3db9.jpg  photo 13_Sichuan_zps4025aa2c.jpg  photo 14_Sichuan_zps3de8652d.jpg  photo 17_Sichuan_zps26bf401e.jpg  photo 18_Sichuan_zpseb4b8064.jpg  photo 19_Sichuan_zpsdf04439e.jpg  photo 20_Sichuan_zpse9ef5e13.jpg  photo 23_Sichuan_zps5bd086e3.jpg  photo 25_Sichuan_zpsf2afcb78.jpg  photo 26_Sichuan_zps8c3ccdbc.jpg  photo 27_Sichuan_zps4cb3da29.jpg  photo 29_Sichuan_zps9a0bce29.jpg  photo 28_Sichuan_zpsf7462504.jpg  photo 30_Sichuan_zps8cafabbe.jpg  photo 31_Sichuan_zps51393494.jpg  photo 32_Sichuan_zpsb88c532e.jpg  photo 33_Sichuan_zps4bed8216.jpg  photo 34_Sichuan_zps53e96cf1.jpg  photo 35_Sichuan_zpscebc75bc.jpg  photo 37_Sichuan_zpsef0b9937.jpg  photo 38_Sichuan_zps78feb8e8.jpg  photo 39_Sichuan_zpsb4affbf7.jpg  photo 40_Sichuan_zps4a876f6f.jpg  photo 41_Sichuan_zpsc7ee4089.jpg  photo 42_Sichuan_zps02ebfeca.jpg

Photo overload – I know! But I’ll be writing more in-depth about this part of my trip soon. Until then make sure to follow my journey on Instagram! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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