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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello From Asia

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Hi guys, how are you all doing? I know it’s been forever since my last blog post, but life has been crazy these past few weeks! Turns out that moving countries, studying for finals, preparing for some almost-long-term travel and saying goodbye to Norway don’t go together too well. But I have been missing this space a lot and cannot wait to get back to posting more regularly again.

I’m in China on the first leg of my Asian summer adventure right now and it still feels unreal. I have been dreaming about this trip for such a long time that I haven’t quite realized that this dream has become a reality just yet. I’ll be in China for a couple of more days before heading off to Hong Kong and Singapore and while I have tried updating my blog in the last days, my internet connection is painfully slow at the moment and uploading pictures takes a crazy long time.

If you want to see my adventures (almost) as they are happening, make sure to follow me on Instagram - it’s my newest Internet addiction! I hope you are having a great week, wherever you are! 


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