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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finally Hiking Løvstakken, Bergen

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Bergen may be a coastal town with a strong history of naval trade, but Norway’s second largest city is just as much defined by the mountains that surround it. While there are many different mountains in the area around Bergen, there are seven that immediately surround the city that hold a special appeal for hikers – in May, there is even a race, where brave souls can attempt to hike all of these seven mountains in one day.

I have hiked most of the seven mountains multiple times, but there was one mountain that always seemed to elude me completely: The Løvstakken. The one time I attempted to climb this mountain last year, we lost the path (before even finding it), ended up getting attacked by legions of ticks (disgusting and potentially dangerous) and finally called it a day when we noticed that dawn would creep up sooner rather than later. No fun.

In the months afterwards the opportunity to hike this mountain just never seemed to come up again, but when spring finally decided to show itself in this part of the world, I decided to seize the moment and grabbed a friend to finally reach the seventh summit around Bergen. We had a great time enjoying the sun, taking lots of pictures and talking about our upcoming Iceland trip. There’s nothing better than friends that share your obsessions!

 photo 01_Lovstakken_zps90b8e116.jpg  photo 02_Lovstakken_zps74c835a3.jpg  photo 03_Lovstakken_zps69970fec.jpg  photo 04_Lovstakken_zps8027d601.jpg  photo 06_Lovstakken_zpsa8508ed7.jpg  photo 07_Lovstakken_zps81b07a3e.jpg  photo 08_Lovstakken_zpsbd74f5bb.jpg  photo 11_Lovstakken_zpsb8763480.jpg photo 14_Lovstakken_zps45edfcf3.jpg  photo 15_Lovstakken_zpsa42a0e3f.jpg  photo 16_Lovstakken_zpscb705ace.jpg  photo 17_Lovstakken_zps9f34ee4c.jpg  photo 19_Lovstakken_zpsb6f95cec.jpg  photo 20_Lovstakken_zps5d80dedd.jpg

What’s one thing in your home town you always wanted to do?

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