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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Travel Tuesday // Three Places

Does anyone still remember who I am? I used to co-host Travel Tuesday - more or less successfully, I like to think - but then I traveled to Iceland, greatly overestimated the availability of wifi in the middle of nowhere and consequently missed last week's link up. It's a tough life, I know. Iceland was absolutely amazing and inspiring, but also super exhausting and I'm still working on getting back into the swing of things. I will most likely start writing about this trip soon, but in the meantime I'm still uploading new pictures to my Instagram account

As it's the last week of April already (how crazy is that?), this Travel Tuesday is under a theme and in my humble opinion this month it's a particular exciting one: 

Share three places... the place you have been that you have loved the most, the place you cannot wait to visit and something about the place you live in.

My time as a co-host of Travel Tuesday is almost up, but I'm determined to let it end with a bang. Being part of this link up has been an amazing experience thanks to all of you and all of your continuously great submissions. It's such a joy to read through all of your posts and get to know you through your blogs and Bonnie, Tina and me always have trouble deciding who to feature each week! I'm already curious which three places all of you have picked!

1. Cornwall, England

 photo 01_Cornwall_zps7ef1fef0.jpg

I'm sure I sound like a broken record by now, but one of the greatest places I have ever visited was Cornwall. I don't quite know what it was that capture my heart so much - was it the incredible landscape that had me say that this was the most amazing and beautiful place on earth? Was it the joy of seeing my boyfriend again after the separation that goes hand-in-hand with being in a long-distance relationship? Was it the excitement of exploring more of England, a country I have since grown to love? I suppose it was a mix of all of the above. 

Even though I have been blessed to visit many beautiful places over the years, not many have captured my imagination like Cornwall has. As silly as it sounds, I have never felt as free as I have while walking along the Southwest Coast Path hearing the waves crash against the rough shoreline, feeling the surprisingly warm November sun on my face and the wind of the sea in my hair. In that moment, I felt like there was nothing more in life that I needed. Cornwall felt like the end of the world - and I mean that in the best way possible. 

 photo 02_Cornwall_zps6e9c0c59.jpg

2. New Zealand

Ask my boyfriend where I want to go most and he'll most likely tell you, everywhere! And it's true - if I haven't been there before, it's on my Bucket List! But if I could hop on a plane right now and go anywhere, I would undoubtedly fly to New Zealand. I may collect face washes and spent too much time window shopping at Net-A-Porter, but I'm not really a girly girl. I love the great outdoors & hiking up mountains, was in scouting for all of my teenage years (I even sold Girl Guide cookies in Canada without feeling embarrassed) and I almost always would rather stay at home and watch a movie than go out to a club. 

New Zealand would be the perfect destination for me. First of all, there's incredible nature and the country is famous for many amazing hiking opportunities - I would love to put on my hiking boots right now and explore the South Island! But secondly - and I'm not ashamed to admit this - there's the fact that The Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand. I'm more than just obsessed with these movies and the original work by Tolkien - they have guided me through my whole adolescence and seeing the places where Middle Earth came to life is one of my big goals in life.

3. Bergen, Norway

 photo 03_Bergen_zpsd903a72c.jpg

I'm originally from Germany, but I have been living in Bergen, Norway's second largest city, for the past eight months. It's a beautiful little city at the West Coast of the country and often referred to as the Queen of the Fjords because of its close proximity to the two largest Norwegian fjords. I have heard many people say that Bergen is one of the most beautiful places they have ever visited and while the city can't exhibit grand manmade architecture like other cities in Europe, it has something far more impressive to show for. You guessed it, incredible nature. 

Bergen lies directly at the sea, but at the same time directly in the mountains. On sunny days, half the city seems to be out hiking in the beautiful mountains and it barely takes you one hour to feel like you have left behind all traces of civilization. It's the nature around Bergen that attracted me to this city in the first place and the one thing that I will miss the most about Norway when I move back to Germany this summer.

 photo 04_Bergen_zpsf934f283.jpg

 photo Text_zps2b39a2b0.png

Each week BonnieTina and me select one post each from all the linked up posts the week before that we enjoyed especially. Please make sure to head over to their blogs to see who they picked! :)

 photo traveltuesdayspotlight_fortina_zpsacc72e5e.png

This week's Travel Tuesday spotlight is on Michelle from MishFish13. Michelle spent the last couple of months studying abroad in France and traveling all over Europe and shared a post about a recent trip to Morocco for Travel Tuesday last week. Michelle was one of my first friends in the blogging world and as two travel-obsessed study abroaders (is that even a word?), we had plenty of things to connect about. 

 photo Text_zps2b39a2b0.png

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Experiencing Spring in London

 photo 01_SpringLondon_zpsf6c22652.jpg

They say a picture says more than a thousand words. And while my inner photographer can certainly support that statement, the writer in me is not as sure. For a very long time, I felt like the only way for me to truly express myself was through writing. When I wrote, new thoughts entered my mind and I discovered things about my life and my feelings that I had not realized before. There were things I could not say in person, but only admit while writing and it often felt like the sentences were just flowing out of my hands.

Discovering photography opened new doors for me and self-expression. While I may not be obvious to other people, I definitely see a version of myself when I look at my pictures. I see the scenes that attract me and the images that bring a smile to myself and inspire me to live more positively. I see that I love color, the sun, the sea, nature, history and I have learned that I don't always need words to explain how I feel about a placeAm I more of a writer or more of a photographer? But does it matter?

Springtime in London was wonderful. Everything seems to become more magical and beautiful when the sun is shining upon it. Now that I'm back in Norway with grey skies and rain in the air, looking back at the photographs I took in London is a lovely way to reminisce about the past week. I'm trying to let the pictures do the talking… at least most of it. 

 photo 02_StKatherinesDock_zps36038588.jpg
St. Katherine's Docks

 photo 03_SpringLondon_zpsa5df6015.jpg  photo 04_StKatherinesDocks_zpsfa27c7d0.jpg
 photo 06_MeetingSarah_zps0b5a6b71.jpg

Meeting the lovely Sarah from The Wanderblogger for Brunch at The Breakfast Club in Soho. Fun location, great food and amazing company – we had a blast talking about travel, photography and just life in general. I hope we get to meet again one day soon, Sarah!

 photo 07_SevenDials_zps9bf3873b.jpg  photo 08_SevenDials_zps1ed93699.jpg  photo 09_CoventGarden_zps1c737cd1.jpg

Covent Garden is still one of my favorite areas in London. I love the relaxed, yet slightly refined atmosphere, not to mention all the great restaurants.

 photo 12_London_zpsb588a3a5.jpg  photo 13_LondonSpring_zpsb3a69f78.jpg

St. John’s Park near Buckingham Palace was the first place where I realized that spring had truly started already – seeing all the colorful flowers and the adorable little squirrels and birds reminded me that even in a city what I love the most is nature.

 photo 14_LondonSpring_zps9e64c8f5.jpg  photo 15_StJohnsPark_zps42dbacc5.jpg  photo 16_BuckinghamPalace_zpse4175604.jpg  photo 18_Barbican_zpsbf7112fc.jpg

Barbican Centre might not be the most aesthetically pleasing building complex in London, but it is a calm and relaxing oasis in the middle of the stress of the city. If you’re at all into contemporay installation art, make sure to see United Visual Artists: Momentum – I haven’t seen a piece of art that impressive in a very long time.

 photo 19_LondonGuildHall_zps29324b03.jpg  photo 21_HampsteadHeath_zps677ce780.jpg  photo 22_HampsteadHeath_zpsf18a6ef5.jpg

Hampstead may be one of the most expensive areas to live in in London, but with good reason. Beautiful houses and close proximity to a place that looks more like a forest than a regular maintained park have made me decide that if I ever move to London with way too much money at my disposal, this is were I would want to live.

 photo 23_SomersetHouse_zpseb30ef73.jpg  photo 24_LondonSkylineNight_zpsea5fbf41.jpg  photo 26_NordicBakery_zps5112caa1.jpg

 photo 28_HydePark_zps6c93106e.jpg  photo 29_HydePark_zpsc099ae7e.jpg  photo 30_HydePark_zps68ca97fe.jpg  photo 31_HydePark_zps0d95a72c.jpg  photo 32_HydePark_zps1b553428.jpg

There’s no better place to experience spring in than Hyde Park!

What does spring look like where you live? 

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