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Thursday, February 20, 2014

London Is Calling My Name Again

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I’m in London again! Well I’m actually at the airport in Norway right now that offers the absolute luxury that is free WiFi in Europe, but by the time you read this I will already be in England. And I’m so excited! I love so much about London. I love the food, I love the stores, I love the atmosphere and I love being so close to the gorgeous English countryside, but what I love most is spending quality time with my boyfriend again. Over time I have gotten used to being in a long-distance relationship, but that doesn’t mean that being apart ever really gets much easier. You learn to cope alone, but no matter how much time you spend talking on Skype, it’s just not the same.

But speaking of London: While I prepared for this London trip (aka read too many blogs), I came to realize that I never shared any pictures of my last London trip last november. And that’s such a shame because London is just such a photogenic city! Especially if November looks more like September!

 photo 02_London_zpsdd257a10.jpg  photo 03_London_zps46ffec15.jpg  photo 12_BoroughMarket_zps4022838a.jpg  photo 05_London_zps1b799bca.jpg

View of London from the top St. Paul’s Cathedral which should definitely be on your London Itinerary. Such a gorgeous church – if that even adequately describes it!

 photo 06_London_zpsbc5b9971.jpg  photo 07_London_zps5f3ffee6.jpg  photo 08_VAMuseum_zps31b37c00.jpg

My favorite hall in my favorite Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum. I’m definitely going to visit again this time around!

 photo 10_BoroughMarket_zpsa6c15a87.jpg

I also finally made the effort to go to Borough Market, London’s foodie heaven. Except that I went on an off-day and half the market was closed. Oops. I did have some super delicious Vegetarian Gyoza Dumplings and I would consider coming back for those alone, but a visit on a day when the whole market is bustling is definitely in order soon!

 photo 11_BoroughMarket_zpsf806f3d7.jpg  photo 12_BoroughMarket_zps4022838a.jpg  photo 13_CamdenTown_zps8d671486.jpg

One other market that I visited was Camden Market. Located in North London, it seems like a whole different world. Lots of clothing stores (& an Aldo outlet!) and an alternative vibe. It’s what Portobello Road would be if it didn’t take itself too seriously. I’m not sure if you would find anything at Camden Market that will last longer than seven washes, but the atmosphere is fun and oh-so-different from Central and West London.

 photo 14_LondonCamden_zpsf77d01c0.jpg

Hello England!

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