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Friday, February 7, 2014

Copenhagen, Denmark

 photo 01_Copenhagen_zpsc040db49.jpg

I already told you some of the reasons I fell in love with Copenhagen in a previous post, so today I’m going to share more photographs from my day in the Danish capital. One thing that I love about going places by myself is that I can spend as much time on photography as I want. I love being able to photograph something from different perspectives and different exposures without having to worry that whoever companions me just finally wants to move on. Do you know this feeling?

It was a beautiful day in early January, with the sun shining from an almost cloudless sky, but don't let yourself be fooled: It was really cold. Copenhagen offers all the possibilities you'd expect from a major city - a great food scene, museums, shopping - but at the same time it is also such a peaceful place. That's probably what attracted me so much to this place! I only wish I would have had more time to explore this city - one day wasn't nearly enough! 

 photo 02_Copenhagen_zps42e5c31f.jpg  photo 03_Copenhagen_zps50f61f66.jpg  photo 04_Copenhagen_zpsfb45fcc3.jpg  photo 05_Copenhagen_zps8dcc1270.jpg  photo 06_Copenhagen_zps9aa9cd02.jpg  photo 07_Copenhagen_zpsc04470d8.jpg  photo 08_Copenhagen_zpsbdd2127d.jpg  photo 09_Copenhagen_zps0171a88d.jpg

Am I the only one that thinks it’s funny that there’s a Paleo Restaurant right next to a Raw Food Restaurant?

 photo 10_Copenhagen_zps205350d1.jpg  photo 11_Copenhagen_zpse85ebe6b.jpg  photo 12_Copenhagen_zpscb8897dc.jpg  photo 13_Copenhagen_zps26965dfa.jpg  photo 14_Copenhagen_zps8870cfb9.jpg  photo 15_Copenhagen_zps94c5efd1.jpg  photo 16_Copenhagen_zpsd0bc9390.jpg  photo 18_Copenhagen_zps26206b7e.jpg  photo 19_Copenhagen_zpsab4ac455.jpg  photo 20_Copenhagen_zpsc009d794.jpg  photo 21_Copenhagen_zps5d396806.jpg  photo 22_Copenhagen_zpsf7090c7e.jpg  photo 24_Copenhagen_zpsaea4cb7d.jpg

This is Amalienborg Palace, the residence of the Danish Royal Family. It looks very different from your average royal castle, because it consists of four relatively small buildings, instead of just one big one. Amalienborg wasn’t intended as a royal residence, but as a home for four other noble families – hence the four buildings.

 photo 25_Copenhagen_zps0781c20f.jpg  photo 26_Copenhagen_zps53332a16.jpg  photo 27_Copenhagen_zps44ae0089.jpg  photo 28_Copenhagen_zpsd9c68b2c.jpg  photo 29_Copenhagen_zps31e85bdb.jpg  photo 30_Copenhagen_zps3965c485.jpg  photo 31_Copenhagen_zpsa3e60344.jpg  photo 32_Copenhagen_zps4dc81589.jpg

What’s your favorite photograph?

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