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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gamlehaugen in Winter

 photo 01_GamlehaugenWinter_zps616c5d79.jpg

Not a lot of words today, but mainly photographs to show you how this part of the world looks in winter. Back in Germany, I was often asked just how cold and dreadful a Norwegian winter is. And people where always surprised when I told them that Bergen at least actually experiences quite a mild winter. Norway may be far up in the North, but the influence of the Gulf Stream can be felt all along the Norwegian Coast – even in the far north, some hundreds of kilometres after you have crossed the Arctic Circle. It makes the winter along the coastline really tolerable, but it’s a obviously a whole different story once you move away from the sea and into the interior of Norway.

Gamlehaugen is the residence of the Norwegian Royal Family when they’re in Bergen. I blogged about it a couple of months ago already, when everything in the gardens was lush and greenery was found everywhere, but it doesn’t have to hide in the wintertime either. Located at a faint little fjord arm that is covered in thin ice, it makes for a nice walk amidst the city and once again inspired me to get out my camera.

 photo 02_GamlehaugenWinter_zps5cfd8c3b.jpg  photo 03_Gamlehaugen_zpsd6480c5a.jpg  photo 04_Gamlehaugen_zpsa2ada88b.jpg  photo 05_Gamlehaugen_zps7242dd0b.jpg  photo 06_Gamlehaugen_zps0243f449.jpg  photo 07_Gamlehaugen_zps150058f7.jpg  photo 09_Gamlehaugen_zps1a78feb9.jpg  photo 10_Gamlehaugen_zpsf5c5df26.jpg  photo 08_Gamlehaugen_zps5ddecdf2.jpg  photo 11_Gamlehaugen_zps6f9f4a8b.jpg  photo 12_Gamlehaugen_zps62b5dcc3.jpg  photo 13_Gamlehaugen_zpsc6dfde4a.jpg

I hope you’re enjoying a good weekend!

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