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Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Wishes & Adventures #5: Balance in Blogging

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You may or may not have noticed that I took a little break from blogging over the last couple of days. Between studying for my exams, planning/dreaming up upcoming travels, the cold and the five hours of sunlight that we get every day, I suddenly felt very overwhelmed with life in general and felt like I needed to take a step back from pretty much everything, including blogging. I have been barely on Twitter, I barely read any other blogs and most days I didn’t even think about my blog until the late hours of the day. This probably makes me an absolutely inconsistent blogger, but it was exactly what I needed.

But it’s a new week now, a new beginning, and I’m ready to get into the game again. Today, I noticed something important about the way I approach blogging, though, and this might just be a game changer for me: There are times when I put way too much energy into blogging. There is a cycle in my blogging life that I see repeating itself over and over again: I’m working super, super hard on blogging for a couple of days/weeks and everything is going great until I am suddenly devoid of all energy and inspiration and cannot blog at all for a couple of days. And then it starts again. I always thought to myself that this time around, it would be different, but the truth is that it isn’t.

It’s time to draw some consequences now, though. I have goals and aspirations for my blog, but most of all I want to have fun with it and I’m not having any fun, if blogging is going to drain me from all energy every couple of weeks. My Weekly Wishes, therefore, are concentrated on achieving balance in blogging and I hope that my biggest tool for this will be to:

Get on a blogging schedule

I finally begin to accept that blogging every single weekday is not something I am currently able to do, at least not if I want to keep up a high standard on my blog. Most of my travel post probably take two to three hours to prepare and I simply don’t have this time every day. I do want to update my blog consistently, though, and because of that I am finally going to get on a proper blogging schedule. According to many other awesome bloggers, this is the one thing that keeps them sane and after months of ignoring this little piece of advice, I think it’s about time that I do the same.

I am going to strive to update my blog every other day, but I will adjust depending on how much time I actually have. There will be times when I will post less and times when I will post more, but for the most part this is what I am aiming for. I want to use the time I gain from this to connect with other bloggers and to – you know – just live.

How do you approach that blogging time monster? Do you have a set schedule?
I would love to hear your tips!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cornwall Day 2 Part 2: The South West Coast Path & Porthcurno

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My favorite author as a kid was Enid Blyton and my favorite book series were the “Famous Five”. Many of the books played somewhere along the English coast, where there were hidden coves and uninhabited islands, beautiful cottages and long beaches, dangerous rocks carved by the rough sea and enough secrets to discover to last a lifetime. I loved these books, because they made my fantasy go in overdrive and whisked me away to a world that was more fantastical, more unreal and more adventurous than my own.

As I’m writing these lines I also begin to think that maybe this is the reason why I love travel so much. Travel allows me to add adventure to my life, to experience things that I would not experience if I was at home, things that are both beautiful and fantastical. But the bottom line is this: I don’t want to live a life in which I have to imagine myself away to experience adventures. And this is not something that can only be achieved by travel.

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I wholeheartedly believe that adventure will come to those who seek it, whether it’s in their home town, a neighboring state or a couple of thousand miles across an ocean. Travel is an easy way to achieve that, but I realize that because of different reasons this may not be in the cards for everyone, at least not at the time being.

Still, I want to inspire you to take a chance and to do try doing things that you’re not completely sure, you’re able to achieve. Starting a new job can be an adventure. Moving to a city where you don’t know anyone is an adventure. Cooking some exotic foods in your kitchen is an adventure. Heck, even taking your dog for a walk in a different park can be an adventure! The world is full of opportunities to add some sparkle and interest to our lives – we should embrace it.

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I don’t know what Enid Blyton’s inspiration for the setting of “Famous Five” was, but it could have been Cornwall. The South Coast of Cornwall is the kind of place that irradiates a certain air of unworldliness: I had to pinch myself multiple times to remind myself that I wasn’t dreaming. Can I make it any more obvious that I absolutely fell in love with Cornwall?

The farther we walked away from Land’s End, the mellower the coastline became. The cliffs were less step, the sea less violent and the overall sense of roughness gave way to a more gentle landscape.

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One interesting thing while walking along the coast is to notice the stark difference 
between the sea and the back-country, which mainly peaceful consists of peaceful pastures.

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The first signs of civilization.

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In true coastal fashion the weather had done a 180 ever since we left Land’s End and we were experiencing the most beautiful sunshine (for England, at least). Cornwall is a well-known surfer paradise, so we saw some crazy people who took advantage of the opportunity.

 photo 12_CornwallBeach_zpsaaa4a831.jpg  photo 13_CornwallBeach_zps0d554e58.jpg  photo 14_Cornwall_zps2391baf3.jpg  photo 15_CornwallBeach_zpsef36e1b5.jpg

What is it with these Cornish beaches?!

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When we reached our final destination of Porthcurno, we contemplated visiting the Minack Theatre, an open-air theater built right in the rock by the artist Rowena Cade the quite possibly has the most amazing view of any theater in the world. Seeing a play there is now on my life-long bucket list. However, we didn’t have too much more time left before we had to catch our bus and we had seen the beach of Porthcurno for the last half hour – so of course I was eager to get down and get my Wellies wet.

 photo 18_CornwallCoastPorthcurno_zpse4f6f27d.jpg  photo 19_PorthcurnoCornwall_zps7fa41c32.jpg  photo 20_PorthcurnoBeach_zps5422b48f.jpg

There were more surfers, people walking their dogs and one crazy girl running towards the water in her Wellington Boots. I notice a common theme in these Cornwall posts.

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Best. Day. Ever. Need I say more? 

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