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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Colors of Norway: Møre og Romsdal

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When people think of Norway, they often think of bad weather. Before I moved here, I was told countless time, how terribly rainy it would be during the fall and asked why I would choose to go live in a country where it would be grey and dark for a good chunk of the year. As far as my experience here so far can be any indication, I have to admit that the skeptics are right to a certain extent: Yes, we often cannot see the tops of the mountains because they are enveloped in fog. Yes, there are times when you wake up to the sound of heavy raindrops knocking on your window in the morning.

But at the same time those nagging voice fail to acknowledge the magic that happens when the sun comes out after a few days of rain. They haven’t seen the sea glistering in the sunshine. They haven’t experienced walking through lush forests at the side of a Fjord. They don’t know the beauty that comes with the appreciation of something that is not a matter of course. Norway is mysterious, secretive and sometimes dark when the grey clouds dominate the sky, but when the sky has cleared and the sun gets to unfold its power it is full of life and charm. Norway is always incredibly beautiful, but sometimes it is even more. And therefore, the colors that I most associate with this country are not grey and black, but blue and green. 

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I took these pictures in the region Møre og Romsdal in the North of the Vestlandet, just south of Trondheim. After spending a week in Central Norway and hiking in the highest mountain range of Scandinavia, I finally got to see what Norway is most famous for: Its coast. And what a sight it was! I know I say it all the time, but words cannot convey just how incredible a sight it is. Photographs do a poor job as well, but I will let them speak to the best of their ability anyway. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Norway yourself, then don't miss out, though, because nothing compares to the feeling of being at a place where it suddenly hits you that world's greatest art pieces are found in nature. I was awestruck for most of the day as we drove along the coastline, the blue sea on the one side of us and the green mountains on the other and I realized that all of this was real.

 photo 05_FjordsNorway_zpseb3cd0c7.jpg  photo 06_Norway_zps16405da2.jpg  photo 07_Fjords_zpsd84312f6.jpg  photo 08_Norway_zps36ec9caf.jpg
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Only a fraction of the moments and the thoughts I experience during my travels ever make it on the blog. I would love to share these things with you, but most of it wouldn’t be very helpful for you. There are certain things that need to be experienced rather than heard about; there are moments that need to be lived in order to understand why they are extraordinary. But this is one of the reasons why I blog: To inspire other people to go out and explore the world. Whether that means traveling to another continent, a different state or just a neighboring city doesn’t matter. All it takes is to go out and to broaden your horizon by seeing and experiencing new things. Everybody can do it! 

Which color do you associate with your home country or hometown? 

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