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Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Wishes #8 - Getting Energized

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Happy Monday everybody! Are you excited for this week? I know I am!

Last week, I said that this month I really wanted to concentrate on being happy and content in September and so far it’s been going great. I’m obviously not at the top of my game all the time (I had a nasty cold last week), but I’m glad to be able to say that – so far – this month has been characterized by positivity. Let’s keep this momentum going! :)

I also talked about how I wanted to stop thinking about what other people think of me. And here’s the curious thing: It really wasn’t an issue for the last seven days. Without me trying. Maybe the previous weeks were just harder for me because I didn’t feel at ease living in Norway yet, but how would I know. Another thought that has entered my mind, though, is this: Maybe sometimes we just need to decide to do something – or not do something. Maybe, we sometimes just need a big push in the right direction – and once we’re on the right part, turning back doesn’t even occur to us. I wholeheartedly believe that we can decide to hold ourselves back or choose to be ourselves and let our personalities shine.

But on to this week. My goal for this week is to replenish my physical energy resources. I feel like I’m at a good place emotionally right now, but I believe that your physical state is just as important for overall happiness as your mental one. We’re not just our spirits. I already had two fights with a cold since arriving in Norway and it’s just annoying. It  has also definitely taken a toll on me physically and this week I plan to really do my best to help my body feel more energized again.

And that means a couple of things for me: Firstly, I believe that a healthy diet is the basis for everything. I do am a health nut and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, but to help myself recover, it certainly wouldn’t hurt me to implement even more of them in my diet. This means I get to drink plenty of Green Smoothies over the next couple of days – but I love them, so that shouldn’t be so difficult to accomplish.

Another thing I need to do more is workout. I know that I have a lot more energy when I’m physically active, so I need to pick up the pace and just get moving.And, yeah, this is going to be harder. I don’t hate working out, but I also have a super hard time getting up and getting going. It certainly doesn’t help that Norwegian weather is often less than desirable. But these are all excuses. It’s not raining all the time – there are plenty of opportunities for me to go running. My plan is to go for a run twice this week and yes, I already hate myself for writing this down here.

What are your Weekly Wishes?

I just remembered one other thing: To all of you who blog on Blogger, but use a Mac – what kind of program do you use to write/publish your posts? I used to use Windows Live Writer and loved it, but I’m struggling to find an alternative for Mac. I’ve been using the Posting Tool from Blogger, but I’m honestly not a fan. Do you have any suggestions for me? It’d be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Good luck with your weekly wishes. Do you have a favorite green smoothie recipe?

  2. Good luck with working out! I have to get back on board with that one too- I've been neglecting it too much lately!

  3. I definitely need to start incorporating more exercise into my schedule! I haven't seen that many people running here and I live in a pretty creepy part of town so the search continues!

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

    1. Maybe your uni has a student gym or some free classes? My university in Germany offered all sorts of classes (Zumba, Yoga etc.) for free to students, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was an option in Grenoble as well! :)

  4. Going through this break up, I've really had to focus on positivity in all aspects of my life, besides there being other negative things like visa issues still lingering. I read and remind myself about choosing your own happiness and it's true, it should never be controlled by others and if you consciously don't let it, it's pretty easy to be happy.

  5. Melanie, I am in the same boat as you when it comes to a blogging program for Mac. I would LOVE it if you would share, if you do happen to find anything you like! (And I will of course do the same!)


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