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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gamlehaugen, Bergen

 photo GamlehaugenBergen_zps4bb47fc5.jpg

Yesterday, I went on a little photography outing to Gamlehaugen in Bergen. Only a short drive away from the City Center, next to the Nordasvannet Bay, it’s the residence of the Royal Family of Norway when in Bergen and a popular recreational ground with the locals.

It was first owned by Christian Michelsen, who was the country’s Prime Minister during the abolishment of the Union between Sweden and Norway in the beginning of the 20th century. He had the building (scratch that, why don’t we just call it castle?) constructed in the Neo-Gothical British style surrounded by a beautiful landscape garden. I really felt like I was in England!

You can visit the Castle in June, July and August, but the garden is open to the public and pretty much my new favorite place in town. It’s so serene, lush and gorgeous – can my backyard one day look like this, too, please?

 photo 02_GamlehaugenBergen_zpsac7f26ff.jpg  photo 03_GamlehaugenBergen_zps9b6a0f0b.jpg  photo 04_GamlehaugenBergen_zps3e26be7d.jpg   photo 05_GamlehaugenBergenGreenery_zps153c94da.jpg  photo 06_Gamlehaugen_zpsde7fd983.jpg  photo 08_GamlehaugenBergen_zps5581ab15.jpg  photo 10_GamlehaugenBergen_zps0f9a15f0.jpg  photo 09_GamlehaugenBergen_zps05dc0924.jpg  photo 12_GamlehaugenBergen_zps6f1fe1ac.jpg  photo 14_GamlehaugenBergen_zps720b7316.jpg  photo 13_Gamlehaugen_zps69bdbf3a.jpg  photo 15_GamlehaugenBergen_zpsc7c3ade7.jpg

Happy Sunday everyone! 

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  1. Wow!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Wow... looks absolutely gorgeous! Your photos are incredible... makes me want to hop on a plane :) xxx

  3. Looks beautiful! I also find myself wishing the gardens I see at these magnificent houses could be mine one day!


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