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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Our Scotland Itinerary Part II


Hello from Norway! I’m still traveling and finally at a point where I can safely say that the honeymoon with this country has started. I’m planning to start the coverage of my recent travels here soon (fingers crossed for the week-end), but until then I present you my last (really) post on traveling Scotland. Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of ‘Our Scotland Itinerary’! :)


Day 8: Isle of Skye - Portree

 photo 01_PortreeSkyeIslandScotlandHarbour_zps90371264.jpg


After our exhausting first day on the Isle of Skye, we took it a bit slower on the second and visited the picturesque seaside village of Portree. Portree is a gorgeous town complete with colorful harbour, lush surroundings and screeching seagulls and even the constant rain (to which we had sort of gotten used to at this point) couldn’t degrade its beauty. We went on a short walk around a nearby peninsula and spend the rest of the day recovering from our usual fast-paced travel.


Day 9:  Traveling from Skye to Glen Coe

Our ninth day in Scotland was largely spent traveling. We took the bus from Skye to Fort William and where we took the Cable Car up to a neighboring mountain of Ben Nevis (the UK’s highest mountain) and walked around on top for a bit. The weather was horrendous and I took about two photographs the whole day, just because there wasn’t anything to see but clouds. It was a bit of a disappointment, but at least we left with a funny memory of Asian tourists on top of a cold, rainy mountain wearing shorts and flip-flops.


Day 10: Hiking in Glen Coe

 photo 02_GlenCoeHighlandsScotlandRainbow_zps841ffe1c.jpg


We woke up to a beautiful rainbow above Glen Coe, Scotland’s most famous valley and our destination for the day. It set the tone for the day, and man, was it a great one! We went hiking and while the path was often undefinable and sometimes down right dangerous, we had a great time. It was a rainy day again (anything new?), but we still had a good time. I still talk about this hike every time I’m going hiking somewhere, just because it was that exciting.


 photo 03_GlenCoeHighlands_zps25d1aa3f.jpg


Day 11: Discovering Loch Lomond

  photo 04_LochLomondWaterview_zpsc9e2a794.jpg


Loch Lomond is simply beautiful! If I was living in Glasgow, I’d probably head there every single weekend, but at the very least every time the sun comes out. After a succession of rainy days, we were finally graced with sunshine. We went on a cruise across the lake, explored the tiny uninhabited Isle Inchcailloch and walked through a beautiful country park in Balloch. Utter bliss.


Day 12: Stirling Castle

    photo 05_StirlingCastleScotland_zps192e54dd.jpg


We finally headed back towards proper civilization (who needs that anyway) and visited Stirling for a couple of hours on the way to Edinburgh. Stirling is a picture-book perfect example for a town that is utterly Scottish. There’s an amazing castle, old cobblestone streets and just something in the air and that made me think ‘Yes, I am in Scotland!’.


Day 13 & 14: Exploring Edinburgh

 photo 06_EdinburghScotland_zpse8805230.jpg

Our last two days in Scotland were completely devoted to exploring Edinburgh. Edinburgh is such an amazing and great city – I could so see myself living there! There’s culture, beautiful architecture, shopping, history and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the city is located in one of the most gorgeous countries imaginable. I was enjoying the moment so much that I barely gave any thought to taking photographs and while the photographer in me is looking angry, the traveler is glad to have savored the time.


 photo Untitled.png


I’m linking up with Belinda and Bonnie for Travel Tuesday.


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  1. Amazing! One of the best things that came out of Scotland?... Andy Murray. HOTTIE!

    Did you see I nominated you for the Liester Award? Check out my blog for the deats.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Ah glad the honeymoon is beginning ;)
    Scottland looks beautiful, though the stereotype about the weather seems true!

  3. Wow how beautiful is Scotland with those candy coloured building and rainbows? Yes please. I need to get up there very soon! Thank you for linking up with Belinda and I for Travel Tuesday!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose


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