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Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekly Wishes #2 – Yearly Edition

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I’m back with a new Weekly Wishes post, a link up by Melyssa from The Nectar Collective that encourages us to accomplish whatever goals we may have with a sense of positivity. My goal for last week was to post two well-written posts and to show more of my personality on the blog and I feel like I did a pretty good job at that. I shared some very special news with you and then published the first installment of my Travel Tips for Scotland series and I’m very happy and proud of both of them.

This week, I’m taking it one step further. I’m drawing a bigger picture this time for one special reason: I’m turning 21 today! And what better time than now to write a Yearly Wishes post? For me, July is like New Year’s: It’s the beginning of the year – an opportunity to reflect and to start dreaming new dreams. And with my big move soon, I can’t help, but to look ahead with excitement and a lot of new wishes.

# 1 – Making this year fabulous.

I’ve said it before, but this year is going to be fabulous! I always want each year of my life to be better than the year before. Not because the past is undesirable, but simply because I don’t ever want my life to become stagnant. Happiness doesn’t have a definite peak. There is not one point where we can stop and say ‘This is it. I’ve reached all the happiness there is.’ . Happiness is a journey. Happiness is to keep on going and grow, to keep on exploring the world and learning all the wonderful things it is giving to us.

Will I have sad days this year? Of course! But making this year fabulous and the best year of my life yet doesn’t mean that I will plan out every day picture-perfect. Rather, I believe it’s all about attitude and how you choose to look at life. This year, I’ll approach life with optimism and excitement, instead of pessimism and fear. Will you do the same?

#2 – Putting love into this blog.

I’ve only recently started to become really enamored with blogging and I want to keep this momentum going. Putting time and effort into writing again has slowly, but surely given me my voice back. Exploring the world through my camera’s lens has opened up my eye to the beauty hidden in little things. And putting both together on this blog and connect with other bloggers has given me tremendous joy. This year will be special. And I want to chronicle it all for the years to come, so that I may always remember the wealth and beauty in all that life has to offer. And if other people want to follow along – that would be even more amazing!


The Nectar Collective


#3 – Discovering Norway.

I might never in my life live in Norway again, so I’m planning to make the most of it. My two biggest goals for my stay there are to travel this beautiful country and to learn its language. But aside from that I really just want to use this time to just be and to further explore my interest for writing and photography.

#4 – Finding Inner Peace.

This ties into my other three goals, but this year is really all about finding peace from within. These last few weeks, I have been feeling especially at ease with me – I’m accepting myself in ways I haven’t before and it’s a very powerful feeling. If I only achieve one of the goals on this list, I hope it is this one.

I hope all of you will accomplish what you’re setting out to do this week! What are your goals?


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  1. Got totally side track by your Scotland posts there lol!

    What great goals to have and I wish you all the luck in the world with them. I think your photography is fantastic. All the best for your move to Norway, what a fantastic adventure to be starting on. Can't wait to read future posts on it and your Scotland series :)



  2. Inner peace can probably be one of the most elusive things to find, but once you have it it changes your life. I hope you find it quickly!
    I've only seen photo's of Norway, but it looks absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. I hope you enjoy it a lot. And please remember to post the pictures.
    I also see you haven't visited Africa yet... I will soon be posting about some of the must visit places in Southern Africa. It is definitely a must on any travel list.

  3. I just turned 22, and I wish I could say my year as a 21 year old was as fruitful as you're going to make yours! Good luck on all of your endeavors, and enjoy being 21. It was a hell of a year for me, and the possibilities are endless!

  4. Wow, first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I love this idea of YEARLY WISHES! And I love everything you listed... I definitely have similar goals, so it'll be interesting to see where this year takes BOTH of us! I'm really excited for you and I'm glad that you're finding joy in blogging. I like your writing style and it seems like we have a lot in common... so I'm glad that I'm finding this blog at this point in your journey! YAY!




    And I love that you did a yearly wish. I try to make every day, every month, every year the most out of it. We're young and we need to embrace our youth, living each day to the absolute fullest. :)

  6. I really like your goals. I guess in some ways I am trying to do the same.
    And you're right, sometimes things may be sad, but that shouldn't make the fun and amazing things disappear!
    Good luck with all these goals! And even though I am a day late: Happy Birthday!!


  7. Happy Birthday! Well done on already starting number four and I hope you keep your blogging momentum xx


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