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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekly Wishes #1: Embracing Writing

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Today I am participating at Melyssa’s Weekly Wishes Roundup. The rules are easy: Just share your goals for the week, month or year! It’s about motivating yourself and other people to set your mind to achieving things – no matter how small or how big your goals may be.

My goal for this week (and this month) is pretty simple, but its this simplicity that the difficulty lies in. At the moment, my blog is very photography heavy. That’s not a bad thing, but it fails to convey one crucial part of my personality: That I am a writer by heart and a writer before a photographer.

I only discovered photography a short while ago and while I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my camera and discovering the world through its lens, it sometimes just isn’t enough. I originally started my blog as a way to put my love for writing to a practical use and also share my travel adventures with the world and now I want to challenge myself to go back to those roots.

Another goal that goes along with my goal to have more substantial writing on my blog is to share more of my personality through my posts. I love all the posts I have been putting out over the last few months, but sometimes I can’t help, but notice that they seem a bit impersonal to me. One thing that I have learned in my years of reading blogs is that my favorite bloggers are those that I have made a personal connection with. I constantly challenge myself to make my blog better and this is something I definitely want to get a grip on.

I struggle with bringing my personality into my blog. I fear that I will seem like an egotistical narcissist if I get more personal – and while I objectively know that this fear is silly, it does keep me from reaching my full potential as a blogger. I know that by writing more, I will probably also be more personal in posts, but I still wanted to list this as a separate goal to have a reminder.

As for practical matters: While I want to have more substantial writing on my blog, I also have a busy week in front of me. I know that blogging every day or even every other day will be a huge undertaking, if not to say impossible. I don’t just want to write long texts – I want to write texts that I as a writer can be proud of and that other people can take something from. To ensure quality, I therefore aim to publish two well-written and –thought-out posts until next Monday.

So there you have it. My goals are to write more and better and to be more personal.

What are your goals for this week?

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  1. Hi Melanie!! I think your goal is great -- and I think I might have a writing goal in the upcoming weeks as well! I wish you the best as you endeavor to show more of your writing.

    And, please don't feel like a narcissist! As you said, you enjoy reading other people being more personal... even if it feels weird, it does help us readers and it's not so narcissistic if we're coming to your blog for that very reason (to hear your point of view)! :)


  2. Definitely a great goal! I'm not any good at photography, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves what our goal is in blogging. And showing personality is so great! My favorite blogs are the ones where I feel like I know what the author is like, like if we met we could just pick up a conversation right away! :) Best of luck, and thanks for joining the link up!

    Allie @

  3. These goals are great! Quality over quantity when blogging is definitely a fine art and one that I am still learning myself. You have a wonderful writing style so you should definitely embrace your challenge head on because I know that I enjoyed reading your narrative and I'll be keep an eye out for your posts this week. ;)

  4. I didn't miss the voting!!!! I always come back to vote and it's done. I got my 3 in though it was soooo hard to narrow it down to just 3. Everyone brings something exciting and fresh to the prompt.
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