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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Outer Hebrides, Scotland - Evening and Morning on the Isle of Harris

I’m finally returning to write about Scotland after the whirlwind that has been  January. Looking back at my pictures makes me realize just how badly I want to get out there again. The Isle of Harris is the southern part of the Isle of Lewis, so technically there’s one island with a different name for the north and the south. Harris is famous as the birthplace of tweed and only tweed that is made from the wool of the sheep on the island, then spun and woven on the island can call itself Harris Tweed.

Unfortunately, we only had one evening and morning on the island and hence missed out on the famous west coast, but I hope to return one day with more time on my hands. We stayed in a wonderful B&B in the middle of nowhere overlooking the sea, felt like we were at the end of the world – and didn’t mind it at all.

I love how dreamy the pictures have come out. They’re not the sharpest and most clear I’ve ever taken, but they do show the feeling that Harris stirred inside of me.  

   photo 05_zps0598c391.jpg 

After a big breakfast the next morning, we headed out again in the hopes of seeing some seals. We didn’t find them, but got to see a beautiful morning and encountered some Highland cattle. I am usually not a morning person, but when I did manage to get up early I’m always happy I did and promise to do it more often. Of course this resolution only lasts until the next morning, but one can hope, right?



 photo 18_zpsc8cfd895.jpg 
 photo 19_zps10523bd2.jpg 

Look, it’s a unicorn cattle! ;)

Thanks for reading!  Up next: The Isle of Skye

 photo Untitled.png

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vienna Day 3 - Schönbrunn and Belverde

 photo 01_Vienna_zpsbe946489.jpg

I can barely believe that it’s only been about four weeks since my trip to Vienna. It certainly feels like it’s been an eternity. Time seems to fly at the moment, so I want to take some time off again and reflect on my recent travels.

We started our third (and last) day in Vienna by visiting Schloss Schönbrunn, the former imperial summer residence of the Habsburg Dynasty, with its extensive park area and palace. It’s located in the outskirts of Vienna, but easily and fastly accessible from downtown with the subway.

 photo 02_Vienna_zpsa8d2c88e.jpg

Before going to the palace, we roamed the park for a bit. It’s not a real beauty in the winter time, but we could still get a feel for how it would be in summer.

 photo 03_Vienna_zpsdb2f8c79.jpg   photo 04_Vienna_zpsdc7b7c8a.jpg
 photo 05_Vienna_zps3ef42431.jpg

Fake ancient Roman ruins – an obsession that many royals seemed to have back in the day.

 photo 06_Vienna_zpse2091ea9.jpg

The highlight of the park: The Gloriette.

 photo 08_Vienna_zps4633b50d.jpg
 photo 09_Vienna_zpsfb7bbfbc.jpg
 photo 10_Vienna_zpsbdcb0b9e.jpg

All over the park, there were these adorable squirrels. I basically cooed all the time. We went to the palace where once again picture taking wasn’t allowed, so I’ve got nothing to share. If you’ve been to plenty of other palaces of this era there probably won’t be many new things for you (they all basically have the same architecture) anyway.

 photo 11_Vienna_zpsbdc6f8fe.jpg  photo 12_Vienna_zps05cbe5c7.jpg

Another palace in the city is Schloss Belverde which is located in the heart of the city. We felt that we had already seen enough palaces from the inside and decided to skip this one and only look at the outside.

 photo 13_Vienna_zps5195ce8c.jpg

The rest of the day was spent shopping, wandering around the street, drinking coffee and eating Apple Strudel, before heading off back home early the next day. Vienna is a beautiful city and well-worth a visit. I think it has the perfect size for a weekend trip, though there’s certainly more to do than what I’ve shared here.

What’s the next weekend trip you want to take? 

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