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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scotland VI: Dunrobin Castle

Dunrobin Castle is a magnificent castle in the far North of Scotland, located right on the east coast. It’s about a two hours drive from Inverness that will yet again transport you into a new world. If there’s only one thing that has got to be said about Scottish landscape, it’s that there is not the Scottish landscape. Though we traditionally think of mountains and deep valleys, the countryside in Scotland is actually quite diverse.

When you drive through the North of Scotland, you quickly get the feeling that this area was never really populated. There is only a handful of small towns and fewer and fewer cars pass your way as head northwards. However, it was only a couple of centuries ago, when the North was not less inhabited than other areas of Scotland.

The Highland Clearances are one of the saddest chapters in Scottish history. When the demand for wool rose as a result of the Industrial Revolution, landowners (aka Aristocrats) sought to profit from the economic situation. People were forced to make room for sheep and the North of Scotland became lonely and desolate. You need to keep this in mind when you look at Dunrobin Castle.

When we visited Urquhart Castle, I was convinced that it had the most stunning location a castle could have – and I was proved wrong a mere two days later. Everything about Dunrobin Castle is magnificent. It looks like it’s straight out ouf a fairytale and is nestled on a hill overlooking the sea. Do I need to say that I fell in love at first glance?

We arrived just in time for the first bird demonstration of the day. I am not much of a bird person, but the bf and I both loved the show! There are two demonstrations a day, at 11:30 and 14:00.
The falconer did a fantastic job presenting these birds.

We went on a stroll in the gardens after the demonstration.

It’s a dream in green.


Climbing up the stairs to the castle.
To live that close to the sea…
We went on to explore the castle. Unfortunately, it wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside.


Someone was being a diva at the second demonstration.

Proof that I really don’t know how to take pictures.


A falcon - the bf loved this one.

Dunrobin Castle was simply magnificent. Even though the land has a sad story to tell, the castle speaks of a grandeur that can easily make you forget that the castle wasn’t build and paid for by itself.



  1. what a gorgeous castle! and the grounds are just gorgeous

    1. They're breathtaking, aren't they? Thanks for commenting! xx

  2. love it!!!


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