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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Epic Views in Snowdonia: Dinorwig Quarry, Wales

Looking for an awesome and easy hike in Snowdonia? A walk to the Dinorwig Quarry close to Llanberis is the perfect way to see epic landscapes!

If you have read my previous posts on traveling in Wales, you already know that my boyfriend and me were absolutely blown away by the wild and extraordinary scenery we encountered in Snowdonia National Park. I can’t think of many other places in the world in which nature is quite as rough and as lonesome, yet also as easily accessible, as in North Wales and the landscape in Snowdonia especially is shrowded behind a veil of mystery and suspense. The mountains and valleys are hardened by the elements, but the eye is met with a fierce and feral kind of beauty no matter where it looks and every twist and turn of the few roads leading through the national park seems to lead to a view more magnificent than the one before. At times, you almost feel like you’re the very last human walking on the face of the earth – and yet you’re never too far away from the amenities of modern life.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Next Travel Adventure

I’ve got some fun news today: My boyfriend Sam and me have just booked our first trip of the year and will fly out to Malta at the end of March! We are going to spend eleven days on this Mediterranean archipelago and we already can’t wait to explore this little country for the very first time. There were a few different places on our travel destination shortlist, but we settled on Malta in the end because of the interesting combination of culture, history and natural scenery this country offers and the mild temperatures that are sure to be a welcome break from the cold in Germany. We have had our eye on visiting Malta for a few years already and so we are really glad that the stars have finally aligned in our favor.

We are arriving a bit too early in the season for proper beach-bumming, but we are excited to see Malta’s famous seaside nonetheless and as major history buffs, we are obviously also very much looking forward to following the footsteps of the Knights of St. John in Valletta and The Three Cities and to visiting the many millenia-old temples that dot the islands. I also can’t wait to learn more about the Maltese food culture and to try as many sweet treats as I can manage – date-stuffed pastries anyone? - and to enjoy the sun-kissed seasonal produce that I imagine to be outstanding.

So far, our plan is to spend four days on the tiny little island of Gozo and seven days on Malta itself, which should give us good time-frame to visit both places that are more famous and spots that are a bit more unknown and to take a proper break from the extraordinarily stressful weeks that we will have in the lead up to our vacation. I’m not sure if I will actually be able to let go of my tendency to plan out every single minute of our trips – hey, I always I want to make the most out of them time that I’m given for travel! – but it’s definitely worth a try and if there is any place in the world where you can properly slow down, it surely must be an island in the Mediterranean.

If you have any tips for sights to visit or places to eat at, I would really appreciate it if you could send them my way – likewise, I would also love to hear any recommendations for other food-related activities like wine tastings, olivegrove visits or whatever else there is to do on this island nation! We have done a bit of research already, but it obviously doesn’t compare to the insight of people that have actually visited before. Hope you will all have a great week! :)


Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello 2017: We Are All Just Trying To Find Ourselves

Why I Am Not Making New Year's Resolutions This Year

Or: Why I Am Not Making New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year everybody - I hope you all had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve! I hope that 2017 will prove to be a happy and flourishing year for all of you and present you with wonderful opportunities, exciting adventures and valuable lessons. I don’t want to jump on the 2016 hate-train, but I am definitely not sad to see the last year go. I had to face many challenges throughout the year and at times seriously doubted my ability to feel positive and hopeful about the future and while I am proud to say that I have come out on top in the end, I do am ready to let go of the ghosts of yesteryear and want to focus on making new memories now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Winter Bucket List

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to refer to winter on the blog until the 21st of December, but now that the trees have lost all their leaves and leaving the house not wrapped up in a chunky blanket scarf is a sign of insanity, I do have to admit to myself that winter has well and truly arrived in Heidelberg. Winter can be a tricky season: When the days are short and grey, it is often harder to stay positive and to see the bright sight of things and we have to work harder to motivate ourselves to keep active and to not withdraw into ourselves so much that we forget to live. I think it is therefore all the more important that we make a conscious effort to appreciate the opportunities that come with this time of the year and that's why I have decided to write myself another seasonal bucket list.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Buxton & Bakewell: An Anniversary Getaway to the Peak District

What to do in Buxton and Bakewell in England's Peak District

In the beginning of October, my boyfriend and me travelled to England’s Peak District to celebrate our fifth anniversary. During the four days that we spent among the rolling hills of the Peaks, we went on walks through the countryside, started every morning with a hearty English breakfast, had tea and scones on multiple occasions and toured grand stately homes that I had dreamt of visiting for years. It was the perfect kind of trip for many reasons, the kind of trip that truly makes my heart sing, and yet I have been extraordinarily reluctant to start writing about it on the blog.
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