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Goals for April

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful March! It feels like so much has happened during the last month that surely it must have been more than thirty days! I spent the first three weeks in Frankfurt while I was interning at a law firm and it was lovely to spend a longer period of time at home at my parents' place again. I went on some day trips - one to the city Wiesbaden and another to a beautiful botanical garden in Frankfurt - and on lots of walks through the countryside and it was definitely nice to have a change in scenery again.

Interning was - as always - an interesting experience and one that gave me new incentives for my studies: It is good to be reminded what I am working for in the countless hours spent in the library! After the internship, I immediately popped over to Paris for a cheeky little blogger getaway with some of my favorite people. We ate way too much and took way too many pictures, but it was so much fun and I already hope we can do it again soon!

April is shaping up to be a busy month. I have to meet a deadline for a paper that has to take absolute priority in my life for the next couple of weeks, so I may just disappear off the radar for a bit. This also means that I will stay put over Easter, while everyone else is flying out, so please have some extra chocolate and cake for me while I hit up the books! Things are bound to get a little more relaxed at the end of the month, but there are several little blog projects that I want to work on and I hope that we can also manage to sneak in a little trip to the very south of Germany.

Last Month's Goals

I feel like I did a pretty good job with my goals for March! I could have done better, obviously, but over the month some of my priorities changed and that was directly reflected in how actively I pursued my goals. I want my goals to help me achieve the things that really matter to me, but I don't want to feel restricted by them and so I am definitely always open to change half-way through.

1. Get my Macbook fixed

I brought my laptop to the Apple Store and they were able to fix it easily and without me having to fork over a fortune - that was a relief! My trackpad is finally working again now and it feels like such a treat to be able to surf in bed again.

2. Finish reading a book

Yes, I still think it is sad that I felt the need to list this as a separate goal. But it definitely motivated me to read more and I finished Kafka on the shore by Murakami. I am currently reading The Silmarillion by Tolkien, because my Middle Earth fangirling is a little bit out of control again and I am loving every single moment!

3. Publish a food post

You probably noticed that this didn't happen. But I tried, I promise! Food blogging is such a new territory for me that I wasn't really happy with my results and decided that I needed a bit more practice first, but I am putting a conscious effort in practicing food photography and styling now, so hopefully I can achieve this goal soon!

4. Edit Prague pictures

Well... I did edit some of my pictures, but there are still several hundred sitting in Lightroom that wait to be edited, so it will probably only take me another eight months. Jokes aside, the main reason why I failed to pursue this goal more was that I concentrated on editing and converting the pictures I took in March, so at least the collection of un-edited pictures has not grown.

5. Move all my pictures to an external hard drive

Pretty much. I still have some pictures on my laptop, but all the giant raw files that cluttered all the memory space now happily live on an external hard drive and don't affect my laptop's performance negatively anymore.

Goals for April

1. Try a new class at the gym each week

I rotate through phases where I am very into working out and hit up the gym very regularly and phases where I don't go for weeks, but it is time for me to start taking advantage of my gym membership again, otherwise it is really just a waste of money. I usually prefer to work out alone, but there are a couple of classes at my local gym that I have been meaning to try and so I want to give myself some encouragement to be more active again.

2. Get ahead with travel planning for the spring/summer

I have been doing a lot of research on the places that I am hoping to visit in the next couple of months, but I still haven't sat down and done any booking, so I hope to finally get some proper planning done in April! 

3. Update my About Me page 

The current About Me page of my blog is so terribly outdated that it's really not funny anymore. We all know that no blogging task is as annoying as updating your About Me page and I think I have probably been putting it off for more than a year! But enough is enough: This is the month were this page is finally going to be shown a little bit of love again!

4. Less multitasking

I have been looking for ways to work more productively and I think giving single-tasking a try could be a good practice. I often try to do multiple things at once and it usually leaves me feeling like I don't achieve anything at all and therefore I am going to put some effort into only concentrating on one thing at a time and I am interested to see if it will benefit my productivity or not.

What are your goals for April?

Exploring the Tropics in Germany | A Photo Diary

Friday, March 27, 2015

It is that weird time of the year right now when spring occasionally swings by for a day or two only to decide that he is not quite ready for commitment yet and disappears again. I don’t really mind the colder times of the year, but eventually there just comes the point when seeing  nature in bloom becomes necessary again and when the German weather did not seem to cooperate with that desire, we took matters into our own hands and visited the Palmengarten - a local botanical garden - a few weekends ago.

Visiting the Palmengarten has got to be one of the best things - short of taking an actual tropical vacation - you can do in Central Germany to warm up the spirit in the winter. We had barely been in the first greenhouse for five minutes, though, when I started making plans for a visit to either South or Central America and seeing the tamed jungle, made me long to see the real-thing even more. "Nicaragua is supposed to be quite nice! Or Costa Rica! Or we could fly to Peru and go hiking in the Andes and see the Amazon!", I excitedly proclaimed.

We slipped into the current orchid exhibition next where we saw flowers in the most vibrant colors and I especially fell in love with one orchid that shone in a very deep burgundy red color. It also seemed to be the day when every single photography club in Frankfurt was taking macro shots of flowers, which was not hard to understand: How can flowers not be everyone’s favorite thing to shoot? I mean, is it even possible to take a bad photograph of something that is so pretty?

After a (very) quick walk through the chilly air of early March, we entered the second green house which consisted of several different rooms that each concentrated on another type of flora. The climate would change every time you switched the room and with it new types of plants would appear. It was almost like taking a little trip around the world! We constantly pointed out little details to each other and the sheer variety of plants made it hard not to get too excited.

After seeing plenty a cactus and a banana tree, we headed out into the cold again, but only to retreat into the sub-antarctic green house where we encountered yet another world. Is it not crazy just how multifaceted the Earth is? I think that is definitely one of the main reasons why I love to travel!

About three hundred pictures later, we finally managed to tear ourselves away and, passing along the artificial mountain and lake that used to be my favorite as a child, we made our way to the exit and back to the high-rise office buildings of the city. Who would expect such an oasis amidst all the concrete?

And Spring - are you ready to stay yet?

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